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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by chrismonc87, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I want to join the RN and have downloaded the 8 week fitness plan.
    Is it possible a PTI can do me one from week 9 till week 20.
    many thanks
    Christopher Moncaster
  2. Put 50 quid in the post to me and i will sort it for you, :wink:
  3. Why not just take it and do the same stuff? Just do more of it.
  4. Try using initiative chrismonc87
  5. hi all

    thanks for replys, i just want to make sure im doing the right stuff and not over doing it,
  6. Over doing it?! Whats the pont in doing just the minimum? Why not aim to do as well as you can?
  7. I am on leave from Raleigh and return on Sunday to begin week 5, when I will have to do the Military Fitness Test.
    The PTI gave us this training programme:

    Per week
    1x30 min run (steady pace)
    1x45 min run
    1x2.4km run (under RNFT time)
    1x Interval Training (i.e. bleep test. They recommend sprinting between lamp posts, alternating between each with sprint and jog)

    5 sets of 20 press ups per day
    5 sets of 30 sit ups per day.
  8. scriv
    do you know what level you have to do the bleed test in to pass
    (i thought i got rid of that after school)
  9. They are very busy being in charge of the gash aswell as seen on warship last night :twisted: I wonder if they would get paid more being bin men in civvy street.
  10. Cant you just google it ? , there is nothing you cant find on there nowadays/
  11. Can't remember exactly what the pass rate is, somewhere around 10, which you should manage at a trot. It shouldnt give you any bother unless ur fat and/or useless. All the pass times should be in ur pjf programme though.
  12. So how often do we get to see bums on the flight deck...the only reason I'm signing up don't you know! 8)
  13. If i remember from RNAC when i did it, you need to get level 9.10 or round that mark, i dont know if it changes for age.
  14. 9.10 is the absolute maximum you will have to achieve regardless of age or gender, however if you're under 30 and tap out at this point you really need to lay off the [email protected] kebabs and do some bloody exercise.
  15. i dont do kababs thankyou very much :D :p
    how very dare you haha :D
  16. but seriously, don't worry about the running. As I said, as long as you're not a complete waste of oxygen you will pass it ok.

    From experience, work on push/sit ups as they are the things you really get tested on. You will likely have to do 100 or so in most sessions (counting the punishment ones you can't avoid). If you join up being strong on these you will be doing yourself a massive favour.
  17. cheers all
    i just dont want to fcuk my body up over doing it if you get what i mean

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