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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Richard88, Apr 14, 2010.

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  1. Just had my final briefing today and upon reading the info on what to take it mentions the pre joining fitness programme, now i've never been given one by my afco.

    Noticed i can print one online will this be ok? and the fact that i only have 4 weeks to go and its an 8 week programme do i just fill it in with average details?

    Any help appreciated

  2. If you can reach the week 5 standard then start there so you are reaching the target levels at the right time. If you are not there yet then work steadily and sensibly from the level you are at.

    I would say fill in what you do and don't make it up, but that is just me.
  3. I was given my pre-joining booklet with four weeks to go. I started from week four and worked from there. Raleigh didn't ask for a copy of my completed booklet on arrival though. It was never even mentioned.

    Just make sure you do everything (and that bit more so you stand out) that the booklets tells you to do and you'll do great. Just don't turn up medically unfit like some of the people in my division did and get discharged 8O
  4. My fitness is good i'd say, i'm currently running the mile and a half in 9.50 just wasnt sure if i needed it filled in from week 1 or if i need to take it at all, cheers tho i'll give my afco a call just to double check
  5. raleigh dont even ask for the booklet so dont worry about it, just make sure your fitness is at a decent level which it sounds as if it already is. Phys in Raleigh is not difficult, its just about pushing yourself further than you normally would.
  6. Yeah i've heard a few people say that in the past 2 days, rang my afco anyway and they said you dont even need it.

    Thanks for the replys anyways
  7. best thing to do is go to your afco and get one or ive got two i could send you one!
  8. Can't add much to what others have said, was never asked for the PJF Booklet but do what you can of it regardless, your running sounds bob on like JimboRM says and aye keep working on your upper body strength, the press ups and sit ups at Raleigh aren't done 'quickly' like you might usually fire out 50 of each so get comfortable doing them a little slower.. down, count one second, up, count one second, down 1 sec etc for as many as you can.. do different kinds of press ups and sit ups too, hands closer together for 10 / 20, then even closer etc.. work on those and you can't go wrong. The PT staff will be happier with you if they see you putting 100% effort in and pushing your limits rather than being able to do 1000 reps of whatever, suppose it can't hurt if you can though! best of luck

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