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Hey there, i'm aware of what you do on the course etc, and i'm about to do my fitness test, however i want to make sure i focus on certain fitness sections to guarantee a pass, so what are the requirements for the tasks set on the course ? :)


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The only pass/fail physical elements are the 1.5 mile outdoor run which must be completed within PJFT times, plus 10% leeway. (Why 10%? I know not). There is also a 50 metre swimming assessment in 4 minutes which is pass/fail.

Do not underestimate the phys - you will also do quite stiff 'warm-ups" and gym sessions including press-ups, sit ups, etc., prior to the assessed serials and a surprisingly large number fail & lose their provisional entry date. An increasingly common issue is people arriving with a BMI over 25.

If you religiously follow the pre joining fitness programme, available from your AFCO or downloadable from the RN website, you should be OK.

Incidentally, you must also have passed your pjft within 6 months of attending your prnc.
Ah ok , seems all good at the moment then, my fitness isn't in top spec but i'm intensifying it alot more now, got my fitness test wednesday, easily pass it been running at constant 15.5kmh on a treadmill, so i'm good at that, swimming i'm pretty class at so shouldn't have many issues at the moment, thanks for the help mate
@Ninja_Stoker I passed my PJFT today for the RNR and passed my medical recently too with a BMI of 27. You worry me above when you mention there's an issue with a bmi over 25 or am I ok? I'm not fat but I do a lot of weights etc in the gym so well proportioned.

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