Pre joining brief tomorrow



I've got my pre-joining brief at 13:00 tomorrow, does anyone know how long it's likely to last?, because I've got a train to catch at 6pm tomorrow evening, and it will take 45 mins each way for me to get from the toon back home then back into the toon to the station... So if it's going to be an all afternoon job I'm going to have to take my case with me..



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Why not ring the AFCO in the morning to ask?

The entry brief doesn't need to last too long, normally 40-45 minutes is enough unless you or your fellow joiners have loads of questions. If it takes any longer you've been seen off. If it's much shorter, you'll join your New Entry Training Establishment with a lot of questions that should've been answered at the AFCO.

(Must admit I've seen one drone-on for as long as an hour and a half, but that is because the person giving it was keener than the persons having to endure it!)


It's all good, the pre joining brief lasted just over an hour, was good to meet the other people im travelling down with -we all went to the station to get our tickets together and went for afew pints afterwards

I travel down to plymouth on the 10th of june, next step basic training!