Pre-Join Medical Worry??

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Kieran88, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    Anychance of abit of advise or reassurance. I had my pre-joining medical yesterday and flew through the examination, i'm probably in the best condition of my life at the minute. However, i tried to be as honest as i could with the past medical history which has left a few questions to be answered by my GP.

    The doctor said it was nothing to worry about but they want more info on migraines and a car crash i had when i was younger.

    I'm now a little concerned that this may affect my application. Is this a standard part of the process or has anyone else had to have there GP confirm a few past problems?

  2. Hey Kieran

    I know what you are going through i had the issues with regards to my doctors. I have my second part of my medical first of August. Just stay calm and positive.

  3. A lovely chap called Angrydoc will be along to offer some assistance I should think.

    I only pretend to be a doctor, he is actually a real one.
  4. Thanks guy's, going to stay in a positive frame of mind and hopefully things will go smoothly. The way i see it is, you don't get to 24 without a few problems. How long was it until you heard back sarah?
  5. It may just be we need a bit more info.

    Migraines - as long as you only had them when younger and have no probs now then you'll be fine.
    Car accident - depends on what you did to yourself!

    Sounds like a "more info needed" thing. Chill.

  6. Thanks angrydoc. I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best.
  7. due to various other things going in my life its taken 8and half months once i have my medical again it will 9 and a hal months. so i'll keep my fingers crossed and prayers said. Kieran. Where you from?
  10. Perhaps you should share your bank details and address.
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  11. meets RumRation...
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  12. Not to mention bodily fluids.
  13. I went on this site and the only entry was from a bloke called rumrat who says he is a 23 year old Ferrari driving millionair Tom Cuise lookalike. He wants a picture of me in my school uniform.
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  14. Bewildered ;my son aged 22 had a medical 10 weeks ago and failed because of wax in his ears and a foot infection ;he was told to sort it out and come back in 6/8 weeks ???that was 10 weeks ago.He is clear now but can't get any advice as too what to do next from a strange woman at Preston .Indeed she more or less said she would lose his application if he annoyed her again.What does he do or is this normal re the application process ???
  15. Bewildered: I've seen this exact post in 3 different places.

    I understand you want an answer and that, but surely your own thread or just this one was enough?
  16. ==============================================



    Uniformed Lady at Preston you say? Didn't know that our Nina had moved up there.:shock:
  17. This has got to be a wind up, lady, in Preston!
  18. Guildy as charged.

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