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Hi All,

Ok, so, at 30 I have decided enough is enough and its time to get myself a career (the one I should have had before stupidly leaving the service over 10 years ago...) and I have just submitted my application.

So, I have noticed alot has changed since I was in and I have a few questions to throw about, as I have asked at my AFCO, however if I am honest they seemed to be unsure.

Am I correct in reading that your BMI must be 28 or under??

Should maybes have mentioned I was an AEM previously so working.

Anyway thank you for taking the time to read this.
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Ongoing skin conditions visible at the time of the medical are likely to be a significant issue unfortunately, particularly as an AE working with synthetic, corrosive oils & greases. Steroidal treatments themselves are likely to be an issue, particularly if prescribed recently or repeatedly.

BMI is 25 max, exceptionally 28.

Just to add, definitive advice can only be given by the Medical Examiner - careers staff, such as myself cannot give qualified advice in this area.

Best of luck.


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Thank you! Yeah I got my cream last month however very rarely use it and have had none prescribed previously to last months for literally years.

The roles I have mentioned to the AFCO are Writer and Mine Warfare Specialist as I am now (regrettably) too old for my old job :(

Ah ok, so work on a BMI if 25 and under, thanks for that.

I have a feeling it will be a case of making sure I have no dry skin on the day, mentioning it the Drs and explain my case and what I have been doing etc and hope the can see that it doesnt hinder me in anyway at all.

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