Pre-entry fitness tests

hi all. i've just sent off my application, and there's an issue I'd like to have cleared up if possible... Do women do the same press-ups as the men in the RN? Or do we do the knees-down type press-ups?

Thanks guys!

Vicky. :roll:
officer_inland said:
Anyone know why? I mean, I do struggle with doing proper push ups but why should it be different for females??
Something to do with extra bits and bobs. There was a huge thread on it a while ago.
It's the sit ups that I'm more worried about. I'm ok if I have something over my feet, like a bench, but otherwise it's a no go. Oh well, practice makes perfect and all that!! :?
Oh that's ok then. I'm using the fitness programme from online and there's a picture there of people doing them by themselves, must just be showing off then! lol.

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