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I have heard that the nearest one is April unless someone pulls out of one before this date.

Can anyone (Ninja) varify this?

I am praying that the PEDA in February is on the cards.
Hello Ollie mate, I heard the next one was feb but its entirley possible that could be full by now and thus the next would be april I imagine.

Have you started the app process yet?


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So far as I'm aware, the next PEDA with vacancies is 18th Feb 08, but am not sure how many places are still available, tbh.

Best bet is give your Careers Adviser a ring to check a place has been bid for. You need to have passed PJFT & usually the Defence Diving School send you joining details four weeks before you are due to attend.

Best of luck.
Just spoke to my AFCO and he also says the feb one is now full. So unless people drop out it looks like its going to have to be April.

Pain in the ars I know but its another two months to get as fit as you can. Im going to take some more advanced diving qualifications before hand to boost my application too.
dnt worry bout the diving side of things ur qualifications means jack all to them. Just concentrate on getting ya fitness up to standard

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