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First time post so apologies for long winded question. Also apologies to Ninja stocker for previous invite to conversation. Clearly getting use to posting. Sorry

My daughter has been declared medically unfit due to an asthma prescription in 2016. The doctor submitted information clarifying her situation along with the medical questionnaire.

I spoke with a careers advisor not my daughters AFCO who said It was not worth appealing as she was prescribed an inhaler within the last 4 years. I explained that the doctor is willing to document that my daughter has not been diagnosed with Asthma. The last prescription was for school as the old one they had expired not used.

My daughter at the age of 4or 5 had a sneeze and cough for a while, a parent said she might have asthma I went to the drs and asked if she might have asthma. The dr just gave me an inhaler to see if it would work, which it didn't. then it went. She then received letters some years latter from asthma nurse for check ups. I told the nurse she only suffered beginning of the summer and the beginning of winter. She recommended inhalers even though they made no difference. I believed my daughter had asthma as the nurse had not said what was effecting her so at school I documented her as having asthma just in case and had to have an inhaler for her at school even though they did no good when the sneezing and coughing came.

Long story short.
My doctor is willing to document that she didn't not have asthma, wheeze etc and her symptoms were related to allergies and said " most drs back then would diagnose any respiratory issues as asthma, even if they clinically didn't". It is documented later that my daughter had allergies and prescribed anti histamines, she has not experienced symptoms in the last year.

Relating to the last prescription 2016, she had to get one for school as the one they were holding ran out and they required an up to date one even though she never needed the last one.

Do you think my daughter should appeal their decision?

Also, she would not actively join the navy until 2020 as she is applying to join the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme as a Engineering Officer, should she also include this in the letter?

Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Tell,

Happy to help if feasible.

First off - allergies can be a bar to entry, particularly if they trigger breathing difficulties. Beware the fire when exiting the frying-pan, in other words.

What follows may sound rather blunt, but this is what she is up against:

The service is extremely risk averse with asthma and peripheral breathing conditions because there is sadly a track record of asthma-related fatalities in the UK Atrmed Forces.

If your daughter was on the asthma register, overseen by an asthma nurse and received repeat prescriptions for inhalers, then it is difficult to prove it was not asthma if she later has breathing difficulties, even after four years has elapsed, treatment & symptom-free. Furthermore if steroidal inhalers or steroid tablets were ever precribed in her youth, then she will have difficulty convincing anyone it wasn't asthma ...unless the recent prescription was diagnosed, documented and recorded on her medical record at that time of the issue arising, for an upper respiratory tract infection.

The thing to remember is medical records can be retrospectively added to, but cannot be erased of altered to suit the aspirations of the person who originally went to see the GP with breathing difficulties and sought treatment.

An appeal can only work if there is qualified medical evidence proving the original diagnosis was incorrect.

It would possibly be worth mentioning that she wants to enter into the DTUS sponsorship programme but whether that influences the outcome, I doubt.

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Thank you for your reply.
I suppose she has nothing to loose by appealing as their is evidence in her records of inhaler issued for chest infections. If not she's only 3 years to wait, enjoying uni life.

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