Pre-Christmas drinks 2013


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A few of us have mooted about the idea of a pre-Christmas gathering in London (I know it seems a long way off but I know people get booked up a long way in advance) this is to test the water to see if people would be interested and if so which dates are best.

If you're interested, would 23th Nov, 30th Nov or 7th Dec be best?

Edit to add: 16th Nov is also on the table so Blackrat isn't left out
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November would be good for me as not allowed any time off in december and i work erratic shifts, but i aint selfish if dec is better for everyone else :)
Put me down as a yes.

Of course I probably won't actually come, living 300 miles away and all, but at least you'll be able to say '2DD will be there' so more people will show up.

Hope this helps.


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The only Saturdays i could Potentially do in November are the 2nd, 9th & 16th.

There are some weekdays in November and December i can do but if the consensus is for the dates previously suggested, so be it. The majority wins.

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