Pre-BRNC officer cadets

A quick straw poll out there. How many units have implemented the following for in-unit pre-BRNC JOs:

- Must only wear white tabs
- Must not be saluted
- May wear rank on nos 1+2
- Must be known as officer cadets.

Post BRNC 2-week course

- May wear rank slide with associated white tabs
- Must be afforded proper marks of respect associated with their rank.
- Known as young officers

All thoughts welcome.
ginger_lad said: pre-BRNC JOs
That'll be Officer Cadets then.

- Must be known as officer cadets.
Well that's the position that they hold, seems only fair to address them as such.

- Must only wear white tabs
Given that they're not qualified to wear any other rank then it seems only fair to expect the same as their regular counterparts.[/quote]

- Must not be saluted
Officer Cadets in the regular service don't get them either.

All thoughts welcome.
Sounds like part of the alignment to the regular service IMO.


Lantern Swinger
As has been already pointed out, it's just bringing the RNR in line with the Regular RN.

The URNUs operate a similar system, first Years are Officer Cadets (white tabs, no salutes etc), second years wear Mid rank slides with white tabs (like pre-fleet board officers in the RN) and third years wear just rank slides without the white tabs (pending completion of task books and relevant assesments).


War Hero
Seems a very good idea to me. Call me cynical, but in years gone by a large number of people "gained a stripe" and then sat in the Gunroom enjoying perks of Officerhood, without necessarily doing much to advance themselves. Nowadays, removing the privileges until they've earned it is a good way to get people to think about getting ahead.
As it says in CMRTM 42/08 (dated 25 Nov 08) it's all about alignment of RNR Officers Under Training with their RN counterparts. Oh and it was effective from 1 Dec 08. If you haven't seen the CMRTM then perhaps you should ask your unit.

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