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I've been placed on a pre-BRNC course at the end of february. Do you think we'll be able to get some boots while we're there so we can wear them in before we get there? I've heard that un-worn in boots are a big cause for pain among new entry cadets.


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RMAS does something similar, and they give boots out to cadets a month and a half before their RMAS date so that they can wear them in. As well as doing a PFT in order to determine ocdts fitness, so that they know what they are working with and how much theyve progessed fitness wise by the end of RMAS.


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Ok, I will ask the stores person very nicely and see what they say, if not do you think it would be a good idea to buy a pair from an Army surplus type shop?
Lynx101 said:
Ok, I will ask the stores person very nicely and see what they say, if not do you think it would be a good idea to buy a pair from an Army surplus type shop?'re not in yet. Unless there's some medical reason that you need to wear your boots in why would you get any? :?
We got boots issued before RMAS because you're straight in doing TABs and excercises from the word go, and breaking boots in slightly lessens the discomfort.
At BRNC you've got about 5 weeks of nothing before you do any kind of exercise (BLD if it's still called that), and that's plenty of time to break them in. So no, there's no point. It's not necessary.


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Alright then, its just I was at BRNC last nov and some of the YO's there suggested it. Are you really wishing for a cock that thick JFH? A chode? I guess all the rumours about the navy are true...
Yes you are going to get sore feet from the boots: everyone does. You will be wearing them all day for your first 6 weeks (or so). Everyone drips about their feet right up until ABLE, but not many cadets have really bad issues. Thousands of successful cadets have got through training without buying boots before arriving at BRNC. There is nothing more a cadet likes to do than drip (other than offer chad advice) to other cadets, mates and just about anyone who will listen. There is, in my mind at least, very little point in buying your own boots. Lots of reasons for this:
The training is pretty tame during the first few weeks to account for the boots;
You may buy the wrong type;
If you can't man up and deal with them is the Navy the right job for you; and so on...

(You will not be able to draw anything out of stores until you join, that I am certain about!)


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What I forgot to say in my previous post was that RMAS cadets do far more field exercises and tabbing in their time at RMAS alone than BRNC cadets will ever do in their lives most likely. Therefore the necessity of being able to wear their boots in before going to RMAS in a hell of a lot greater.
Sorry to bring an old topic back to life here, but just looking for a bit of advice.

I'm going to be going for a pre BRNC course soon too and I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice as to what I'll have to take.

I know they issue some kit, but what will this include?

Any help is appreciated!
I'm heading down there for one on Thursday. From the paperwork they've sent out it looks like we'll need a suit for the evenings and before kit gets issued and some PT gear for the RNFT, but apart from that it looks like well be in the issued 4s for everything else during the days. Aside from that wash kit, towel, flip flops and dressing gown was all I was planning on taking. Please correct me (quickly) if i'm wrong.
I was thinking the same thing Tom. Suit, shirts, PT kit, wash kit.

A facebook group has started for Jan entry:!/group.php?gid=135766969791816

Cya there.

Top tip for breaking in boots; Get your whole class to piss in a bath or other large receptacle, dump all your boots in and leave them to soak overnight. The ammonia will soften the leather. It is probably a good idea to rinse them with fresh oggin prior to wearing them.

That's what we used to tell the sprogs at Raleigh anyway. Some of the thick fcukers actually did it too.

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