Pre-brief date?


Hello all, currently looking forward to my pre-brief on May 20th, all very exciting stuff however I have a question regarding this very date. At the moment I'm looking at a June 27th date to Raleigh and I've talked to a handful of people with this same date. Each one appears to have their pre-brief within April which I find rather strange considering we share the same entry date. Just out of sheer curiosity I'd like to know why this may be.



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As long as the pre-entry brief is before you join, it really makes no difference.

Ideally HMS Raleigh want to receive your entry papers (sent by the AFCO) about 3 or 4 weeks before you join - to this end, the pre-entry brief should aim to be about 4 or 5 weeks before you join (unless it's a short-notice entry date).


Yeah the my afco said it would be mid may for me, havent heard a deffo date yet tho. Got my RPC on the 24th of may so would be before that i guess? Then off to Raleigh :D


Trigger_92 said:
G-Man_1991 said:
Cheers Ninja, I suppose with it making absolutely no difference I should stop complaining to people :) .

Why on earth would you complain, you've got a freeking date 8O

I don't ACTUALLY complain to people, I consider myself to be extremely lucky to even have a date with all the set-backs that are flying about.

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