Pre-application, help needed

Hi all, first post here. I'm going through selection currently for FAA and need a copy of my original GCSE documents. I have either mislaid or never recieved the originals and need them as soon as possible. Tried contacting my old school and they said speak to the exam board for certificates, as of yet cannot find how to reorder/print them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Oh dear, another potential Officer with questions on an unofficial site.

Try asking your mum and dad, if you do not have any, then believe me, i apologise.


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So your applying to be a FAA Officer and your asking advice on how to get hold of your exam certificates? Seriously mate, either try harder or apply for a job at tesco.


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I totally disagree, getting others to do his/her work for him/her will make he/she ideal officer material for the RN.
Excellent potential just keep it up when you are in, however beware there are a number of ratings with the FAA who use the same tactic. Rely on one of these and you will not go far.

A simple Google search revealed.
Excellent work sir/ma`am you have me doing your work for you. A 21/2 in no time at all.

Help guide for students who have lost their exam certificates

Exam certificates are very important documents and it is essential that you take good care of them and put them in a safe place.

If you have lost your certificates there is very little that we can do for you in school. Colleges of Further Education, Universities and employers often require you to submit the original certificates to show your grades. They normally do not accept results slips but the certificate only.

Unfortunately there is little that we can do to help you in school. You will need to contact each exam board individually and request them to reprint each certificate. There is a cost for this service and it is normally around £15 per certificate but each exam board has its own cost structure and this can be expensive.

The best way to do this is using the web address for each board and follow instructions for students and links for qualifications and certificates.

The web addresses for the boards are

CCEA - Http://
AQA - Http://
Edexcel - Http://
OCR - Http://

If your employer will accept a letter from the school outlining your results, we would be happy to provide this – however, many organisations do not consider this enough proof and require the documentary evidence.

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