Praying to Allah

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Jul 8, 2008.

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  1. Teacher in Allah row

    Extract from my local rag that is causing a bit of a storm.

    Is she just doing her job or a bit mis-guided?
  2. Link doesn't seem to work RG!
  3. one too many HTTP's...

  4. She is misguided. She would need parents' permission to force children to engage in non-Christian religious acts unless they gave their prior approval to religious performative acts. I presume she will be given a formal warning, but nothing more. If I were a parent I'd draw a line at coercing vulnerable children into any form of ideological brainwashing, be it religious or political.
  5. Last year in my daughters school (C of E primary) they took the kids on a trip to a mosque, all the girls had to cover their heads etc, big uproar and all the girls parents refused to let them go.
  6. It strikes me that what she did was at the very least inappropriate. I'm fully in agreement with education about the tenets of a wide range of religions, since it helps counter the ill informed bigotry and incitement of the tabloids, but that's a question of providing information, and offering opportunities. Kids shouldn't be penalised for not taking the opportunity to try things.

    In all honesty I'm pretty convinced that praying to Allah probably isn't something which should be done, at the very least use the Xian name when the school is ostensibly non-denominational or Xian. OTOH I could see some more significant grounds for objection were the teacher to try to demonstrate the worship of some of the Hindu or Asatru pantheon, for example.
  7. What was the objection, visiting the Mosque or respecting the faith of those whose place of worship it is? Would there be the same objection to a Synagogue?
  8. My daugher was too young to go, prob this year and I or my wife have no objection. I live in a small village with small village mentallity! Took them long enough to accept an Itailian taking over the local!!!!
  9. Hope she gets something from it, personally I'm not keen on the style of Mosque in the UK, a bit too sterile.
  10. I agree with you Steve. However lets look at what has happened over the time since you and I were at school.

    We no longer have morning assembly at schools when at the start of the day the whole school gathered, the head read a passage from the bible, and a hyme was song by the whole school. The head master then had is daily rant, (normally aimed at the boys who had fecked up the day before, Myself Toomey and Kirby were the normal targets),

    The few Jews, Hindus and sheiks we had in the school didn't have to attend, and normally spent the 20 minutes with Mr Woolfendon, (the most Un-Godley male member of staff), doing Hindu sheik and Jewish things.

    On Friday evenings One of my friends had to go to confession, and Ike, one of my Jewish friends had to have dinner with his family, Laxman had to do things Hindu with his family. I would wait outside the Roman Catholic Church for my friend to go 6 times round the rosary, and then get on our Bikes and Meet up with Laxman, we would then go to Our Jewish friend house and Mrs Biseaux would let use all into her kitchen and wait for her son to finish his Jewish dinner.

    Not at any time did I or any of my friends consider this extraordinary as on Sunday Laxman and Biseaux would wait outside my church until the service was over before cycling over to the Roman Catholic Church to pick up Anton before going for a Sunday ride out.

    Today however, most of the Kids don’t even Know who lives next door to them, their parents, are so insular that they think that their precious rug rats should not go out and not mix with anyone who they considered to be different.

    The kids today don’t mix and unfortunately BIG BROTHER thinks they need to be given lessons in other faiths, and values.

    Do I find the act of showing Kids how other people display their faith offensive Well NO however being told to kneel and adopt the position to offer prays to another deity that I consider to be over the top, and to be honest If my child had been made to adopt the position then I would be apoplectic.

    Perhaps this is why I am Now Atheistic, apolitical, and just wish that the whole “understanding†thing is driving me MAD>

    Sack the stupid [email protected] who thought this little lesson up, and the Sack the [email protected] who allowed it to happen.

    I thank you!!!

  11. Mosques are among the beautiful places I have visited on my travels over the years (Paris, Istanbul and Iran). In Iran I had to wear a scarf which was a total bollocky pain but it WAS interesting and made the holiday stand out clearly in my memory of much money spent and not much remembered.

    It's interesting, not to say exciting, to experience new, different and strange things. Life is short and one should seek out the different and the strangely educational.

    That is why I frequent Rum Ration ...


  12. Oh and as Higs constantly tells me also because I am a sad fcuk who has no friends ...
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Your wrong and most parents have a understanding of culture & religion. How can any family in this country lead a insular existence?

    I'm not doubting that you, Sam, Patick, John & Achmed went down the river, Huckleberry Finn style during the summer holidays and had a great time.

    HANG ON!!!!!!

    The teacher is suspended and her accusers are "UK" kids influenced by the parents/media.

  14. This teacher is way, way out of line and needs her arrse kicked by the GTC. She needs a bit of re-education herself! :threaten: as she is a :toilet: She should stick to ordinary teaching and use video footage to bring it to life. At the school I teach at the children learn about all major faiths as part of their education. No-one is ever forced into any ritual as it is totally unnecessary.
  15. 'Ajax'. Is that old ships by any chance?
  16. If the children had been Muslim and they were told to kneel and pray as a christian. Their would have been all hell let loose, if the teacher was of that religion, then she should go back to a muslim country
  17. What if she was a British born Muslim? What country would you like her to go back to?

    Second question - why do bigots invariably have problems with the language of the very country they get all moist about?
  18. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer


    Are so many people in this country "slow".
  19. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

  20. Yes the ship of a long -dead relative.

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