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Firstly, I am sorry if anyone is growing tired of us ‘Newbies’ crashing the party with all of our “please help me†talk.

The reason that I am posting about the AIB…

If like me, as I am sure many will, you have never really been challenged- the thought of the AIB is the most gut wrenching feeling EVER! GCSE, A-levels, Degree…pisssh I would rather sit a million Finals than an AIB and I haven’t even had one yet.

My question (this time) is regarding the Practical Leadership Tests. Does anyone have any tips/advice? I am quite gregarious in real life, and of course I will be myself at all times (never been very good at being anyone else) BUT I don’t want to make a serious Faux pas.

Cheers S

Also does anyone have any links to some basic grammar revision? (I can’t find any decent ones). I have decided I am unsure about the old
, ; -
I would say communicate exactly what it is you want your team to do (especially if you get "Stick", who can be remarkably stupid at times), make sure you stand back and don't get too involved, and have a plan! Hopefully that will help, but there are no hard and fast rules, you can only do your best.

Good luck



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Just a bit of a spit and polish on the name or have they shaken up the actual tasks too?

All very confusing! DCT, PLT... we aren't going to be tested on acronyms are we???
they have changed the bias on the tasks themslves a for acronyms it's always possible.......I'm supposed to know upwards of 1900.....fat chance! :)

the only rule is once you have told your team what the task is and have decided on a stratergy and the task is under way do not get involved.... unless of course you have appointed a new team leader.......
Hi sara,

Whenever we get DCT/ PLT practice in our unit some of the advice (as said above) is stand back, have a plan, nominate timekeeper, almost shout to be heard, keep things moving (even when they are going well).

I am also awaiting an AIB sometime in March I believe.
Just another tip for you ALWAYS ask you team for there views and any ideas that they might have dont get focused on your own plan as it might not be the best.

Be confident in your plan and speak up (even if you're not confident in the plan it will sound good). When you are given your task, look for the simplest way of achieving it.
At the start there will be a 'Leaderless task' a task to be completed by all without a single leader. Try and dominate it :wink: by taking charge of the situation (points make prizes), above all it will give you the confidence for your own task.
Don't be afraid to boss people around :twisted: (you won't ever meet them again) don't say 'Please' say 'NOW' :wink:

I think that as you have the balls to ask all these questions in advance, you will do well at AIB. :)

Good luck
jungly_wafu said:
Just another tip for you ALWAYS ask you team for there views and any ideas that they might have dont get focused on your own plan as it might not be the best.
Good point Wafu! Tell them your idea at your brief and then say "Does anyone else have any ideas?" Write theirs down too and then formulate your final plan. Praise them for any good ideas too. :wink:
Very important, always ensure your team fully understand what your instructions are :roll: :D

Best way is to ask them if they understand what their roles are before starting on the task..

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