PPL in America

Hi Guys,

just had my joining date delayed till April, and i'm thinking about going to the states shortly after new year. I started my PPL over here, but price and weather has meant i've never had a good run at it.

I just wondered if anyone has or knows anyone who's done similar? and if they would recommend a specific place to do it? Also if anyone knows how much i'd be expecting to pay that would be great?


Chewey I did mine at Hercules Air Park which is just outside Clearwater Florida. Good instructors, well maintained A/c, mostly Cessna 151's or 2's. and a C 172. They also have twins if you want to go that route.
The more hours you book, the cheaper it becomes.
I didn't use the facility, but if you want it, they have a villa at Clearwater Beach that you can use.
Check for up to date details and prices in Pilot or Flyer magazine.

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