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  1. Hi,
    This a question I found on a different forum about under which powers the Royal Navy sieze drugs. The recent drugs bust by Iron Duke is an example, under what authority do they have the power to board a vessel?
  2. The recent drug bust which the Rn was involved in, the boarding was carried out by the USCG
  3. Ok, so the Rn was just the staging point for the USCG team to go aboard? What authority do the USCG have outside of US territorial waters?
  4. Under the UN convention of the Law of the Seas - Article108

    Illicit traffic in narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances

    1. All States shall cooperate in the suppression of illicit traffic in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances engaged in by ships on the high seas contrary to international conventions.

    2. Any State which has reasonable grounds for believing that a ship flying its flag is engaged in illicit traffic in narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances may request the cooperation of other States to suppress such traffic.
  5. From the US Coast Guard website (link):

    With regard to international jurisdiction, take a look at Artcle 4 para 1b(iii) and Article 17 of the UN Convention Against Illicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances 1988.
  6. Or NG we could all just accept that the RN can do it and either go down the pub/have a curry/go shopping for a new handbag. All of which would be easier than reading that!!
  7. Ros - If you've ever been a boarding officer, you'll know that your first action after securing the vessel is to inform the master under what legal auspices you are acting... but then I just enjoy being a B.O.F. sometimes. :wink:

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