Power corrupts indeed

This article from the Oz national rag discusses a publication about the administrators of the law in Oz . Well worth a read .According to the article the book examines the way those entrusted with interpreting and applying the law of the land have instead chosen to interfere with the process and become law makers . One current case is a homosexual judge advocating a change in the law regarding relationships . The judge , due to retire in the near future , wants the law changed to fit in with his personal needs so that his ' partner ' can receive the benefit of any pension or superannuation in the event of his death presumably.
Returning to the book , it does appear there is a loss of direction within the legal system in Oz and this could well apply in other countries given the appalling decisions handed down by many judges. There has been a number of negative reactions to ' verdicts ' in recent years with claims the offender receives more consideration than the victim in many cases. Another point is the move by the legal profession into politics where it is possible to pull more strings .
A recent example of a high ranking politician married to a senior member of the legal profession created a questionable situation where perhaps the ' hand that wanks the coxn ' rule may have been created . Anyway the article does give an indication of what many have suspected for some time that the law has ' lost the plot ' and indeed , ' power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Silence all stand , the matter is now adjourned sine die .

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