POV Personal Liability Insurance

Afternoon All,

I've scoured both the forums and the internet to no avail, hopefully someone here will be able to help!

The POV invitation letter states you should take out Personal Liability Insurance for your visit. I'm struggling to find anyone offering a policy online. This seems commonplace in the US with their claims culture and seems to be listed as an Umbrella Policy.
The only personal liability insurance i can find offered in the UK is:
  • Attached to your home insurance (my parents policy only covers you if the liability is due to a claim on your property)
  • Self Employed cover but only if you are working at the time
  • Car insurance but again only if you are driving at the time
  • Travel insurance but again only if you are travelling at the time
  • Business Public liability insurance
  • Military insurance, if you are already an employed service member.
If anyone could point me at a policy provider / policy i'd be very grateful!

Bonus if anyone is at the WE POV at HMS Collingwood / Sultan next week I'll see you there!