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Discussion in 'RMR' started by Harry Black, Jul 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi, a question for anyone in the know about leave entitlement.

    Iv just been told that my potl for h14 will only be 7 weeks and not 9 weeks like my regular counterparts will be reciving, apparenty this is because all the rmr ranks are having 2 weeks taken off for pre-deployment leave. Where as the regular rm are having the pre-deployment as buckshee leave.

    Having been deployed before on herrick and recieving the same leave as everyone else in the unit i cant see how this can be correct!!

    So can anyone tell me if this can be done?

    I have already fired this up my chain and the answer from the top was 'thats what your entiteled to', but as i understood it as mobilised rmr rank you were entiteled to the same leave as a regular.

  2. My guess, and it is just that, is that the answer would centre on the 'buckshee' leave. My understanding (which may be time expired) is that, as you state, your entitlement is the same as a regular. If this is the case then if they get buckshee leave so should you.

    If you can find out from the deploying unit what the official reason is for why the buckshee leave is being granted as you will be in a stronger position to ensure parity, but beware you don't caught circumventing your chain of command. It might be worth waiting till you join the unit before raising the issue further.

    Good luck and a safe tour Royal!
  3. Excellent work Jimbo...

    Obviously it states you're entitled to the same POTL, then next question is where do you stand on pre-deployment leave...
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2011
  4. Good day all,
    Harry - having just returned from tour myself and still currently on POTL - your full entitlement will be calculated when you return through Chilwell , i dipped out on some R&R days thanks to the Crabs and that was added onto my POTL , in total i recieved 70 days - just over 9 weeks , dont worry mate its all done fairly and you wont get seen off - as with any tour the mischief mongers start buzzes that most times are without foundation

    safe tour
  5. Moose, welcome home - hope you had a decent tour.
  6. Cheers mate im hoping it is all just a bad buzz, i have managed to check my JPA and its not showing any leave for the pre-deployment 2weeks, but im not going to trust any info on there as its mainly just lies! Im sure chilwell will sort it out and if not it will give my a chance to have a good drip!!

    Thanks to all that have replied, so good info there. Will let you know how I get on.

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