Potentially stupid question

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by unseendeath, Aug 30, 2009.

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  1. I know this might sound silly, but with putting my application form in I want to make sure its all right, and so I have to ask the question. At the end of the application there is the section with passport number and national insurance number, the problem is, at the top is a bit that says army only next to one of the points (mothers maiden name) now I know its 99% likely that Im being stupid and you still fill in that section but I don't want to appear a prat in mjy first official contact with the navy! someone just tell me Im being stupid and that filling that in is required!
  2. yes this is a very stupid question, if you can be bothered, there are plenty of threads on here
  3. I think the army bit is shaded (vague memory if thinking along a similar line). But they have to check all the numbers when you go for your tests and hand in your documents, so they'll make sure everything is ok before filing it. But think more along the lines of "would they need this" and I'm guessing that you will want to be paid etc if you're successful and so yes they will need this info :)
  4. I'm intrigued in this leap of thought.
    1. It says "Army only" and presumably Unseendeath (is there a site for choosing these Newbie nom-de-guerre?) is joining the Navy so why would "they need it"?
    2. What possible connection is there between you mother's maiden name and receiving an RN salary? I know JPA can be a pain but surely this is not some new twist :twisted:

  5. The question isn't totally clear, but I think he (or she) is asking whether he (or, that is, she) needs to fill in the NI number section. The answer is yes, because the 'Army only' instruction extends so far as mother's maiden name and no further. It doesn't mean Navy candidates don't have to fill out the rest of the page

    Incidentally, you can still be paid without an NI number, so long as it's cash in hand and HMRC don't find out. At this stage it is probably a means of figuring out who exactly you are, as opposed to the many other unseendeaths born on the same day.

    I seem to remember the NHS number section on a later form has too few boxes printed on the form, making everyone wonder if they are putting the right number in. You can ask about that when you come to it though.
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To clarify the issue, it is indeed a totally crap form & gawd knows why on earth it isn't available online anyway:

    Passport, National Insurance & NHS Numbers are required on the application form (AFCO Form 4)

    Mother's maiden name not required on this form. But, it IS required on the Security Questionnaire (MoD Form 1109).

    My sympathy for having to run the gauntlet of duplicated, inadequate & unnecessary paperwork.
  7. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Would the world stop if he put his mothers maiden name of the form?
  8. sorry to hijack this thread but just wondering how long it takes for the application form to be sent out. It was two weeks today i went to the afco...maybe im just being impatient

  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Nope, doesn't matter one jot. We don't even shoot 'em at dawn for that one anymore. :lol:

    Generally those visiting the AFCO who know what job they want will take an application form & return it to the AFCO to get the ball rolling.

    Those that just complete an Expression of Interest Form, as they're not sure what they wish to do, will simply get a mailshot of glossy brochures from "our people" who will then call you & invite you to a presentation, usually two or three weeks later (but not on Bank Holidays). Application forms are not routinely sent out unless they are specifically requested as it tends to frighten potential applicants. Apparently.
  10. oh...gutted the good man at the AFCO said he would send me an application form...maybe i should ring them and request one then....
    cheers ninja
  11. It's all changed as of today (1st Sep) I'm afraid. Now you have to go down to the AFCO and get an Application for Recruit Test form (you'll get this after watching the new presentation DVD). Gawd knows why it's all changed (and why the new careers brochures are the same thickness as the Argos catalogue), but that's the new application system in a nutshell. The AFCO 4 is no more! Poet/didn't know it etc etc :lol:
  12. Just so long as people already in the process don't have to start all over again :lol:
  13. Nah, if you're already in the process of joining it'll carry on as before. It's just for those applying from the 1st of September. They're the ones who'll be treated to watching my ugly mug on the new DVD!
  14. Lol, I was only joking but thanks anyway :)
  15. glad to see there is already a thread entitled 'Potentially stupid question...'; making mine slightly less embarrassing!

    I have just finished completing my AIB form Q101, and the Annex A bit. Just before I was about to post it, I suddenly though I remembered reading about supplying 4 passport photos, with your name written on each photo on the back. But I can't find mention of this ANYWHERE amongst the paperwork I received in the mail - now I am unsure if I have imagined it, or somehow lost one of the pieces of paper.

    Anyone out there filling there's in right able to enlighten me at all?

    feeling suitably stupid.
  16. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    As well as four full length phot's of your mum with her maiden name on the back.
  17. man that sucks that means that i gotta take another day off work unpaid...maybe thats why they didnt send me an app form when they said i would....nothings never easy...never mind gotta do what you gotta do
  18. as Mr.Garrison once said "There are no stupid questions,Only stupid people" :D

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