Potentially a Very Stupid Question

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Celeron, May 6, 2009.

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  1. Last night I was watching 'The Cruel Sea', and for anyone who doesn't know, it's about a Royal Navy Ship set in World War 2, that basically goes to war.

    Anyway, in one scene, the seas very rough and stormy, and the ship is rolling(?) everywhere..

    Does that still happen now, or is there some technical 'thing' that stops it...?

    Sorry if it's a stupid question... I was just interested :lol:
  2. The sea is probably the most powerfull force on earth....that should answer your Q.
  3. Yes Navy ships move around when the weather is rough. They are designed as "sleek messengers of death", but are fitted with Stabilisers to try and flatten out the movement of the ship.

    So the honest answer is yes ships move around when it's really rough


  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    And before you ask, yes, people get seasick, but you do acclimatise eventually. In my case, on sweepers, I was usually bad for the first 12-18 hours after sailing - taking Stugerons helped with the sea-sickness (they guaranteed I'd throw up!). Just accept that its an occupational hazard that many people get (Nelson for instance).
  5. After 6 months in ENDURANCE in the Southern Ocean I can pretty conclusively say that anyone that tells you they don't get seasick just hasn't been in a rough enough sea! :lol:
  6. So I'm guessing by those replies, it can get quite bad then..
  7. Yes it can get rough, but other days it will be as smooth as a babies bottom. Once you have been at sea for a while you get used to it. I suffered with seasickness, but you learn how to cope and I managed to do 18 years of my career onboard a pussers war canoe (Warship). Not many people (very small percentage) really suffer with it that bad that they call it a day and leave.

    You will be fine, enjoy your new life as a seaman Spec travelling the Oceans green!!!


  8. Yeah, you could say that the wide blue crinkly stuff can quite often become wide grey fcuking lumpy stuff.
  9. Ha Ok, one more stupid question,

    If it can get so rough, don't people like, fall over aboard...
  10. Happiness is 1000feet in a force 8.
    Boats on the surface in rough weather roll like drunken pigs. Even when they're deep, if it's bad enough, they will roll.
  11. Um, yes.

    But not so often that you'd notice (although, if it was you, then obviously you'd notice).
  12. Very occasionally some people do, but at most times when it's rough access to the upper deck is not permitted. In extreme weather conditions a safety line is rigged that people can secure themselves to on any occasion that it's necessary.
  13. Thanks!

    You've really filled me with confidence :|
  14. Very unlikely, we wear safety equipment if we have to go out on the deck, Or if it's too bad we stay inside the safety of the ship.

    I only ever served on one ship where we lost someone overboard and we believe he possibly committed suicide after his girl-friend sent him a "Dear John". We unfortunately never did find him.

    Please stop worrying yourself silly, if you want to have a chat about anything please send me a private message or talk it through with your careers advisor

    Take care


  15. I agree with you there i have been on Endurance, and its like being on a rollercoaster for long periods. 'YUK'
  16. Wait till you get to go to sea during a Typhoon. Now that is fun, especially if you can get to the Bridge for a look. 8O
    We went through 3 in 1971 on a Leander class whilst out the Fez. I thought it was fantastic. Did make a mess of the ship though! :wink:

    Please don't tell me the RN don't do that anymore.
  17. No, in the health and safety conscious RN of the 21st century they still accept that the safest thing you can do is GO to sea in a typhoon. Tying yourself extra tightly to the jetty just increases the chances that you'll change to shape of the ship to something new and unusual that will give the RCNC screaming abdabs :D

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