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Hey everyone!
My name is X, and I am a potential Warfare Officer. I am now at the stage where I am filling in my final forms and have an AIB date (21 April). I have a day at sea on HMS Biter soon (hopefully February) and I am supposed to be having an acquaint sorted for me some when soon. Furthermore I have a Command, Leadership and Management day in Liverpool this week, so I am quite deep into my training now.
I have spent some time on the forums and to be honest it helped me pass my SIFT interview.
My questions essentially are as follows:
- Does anyone know what I should expect for an agenda for the CLM day?
- Similarly what will I need other than sort of gym gear? (Information on this has been very sparse so far)
- What kind of things might I have to write an essay on for this day ( I have been informed there is one similar to the AIB but my knowledge is patchy, albeit progressing).
- I have only so far had to know very roughly what the role of a warfare officer is day-to-day, and my ideas of it are still a bit vague, other than my aforementioned acquaint where can I attain this knowledge?
- Does the CLM day have an AIB like interview?
- Will it matter too much in training If I am not very good at firearms training, I was put off it at a young age in Sea Scouts, but I am sure I can improve, at what stage of training does it come in?

So sorry for the minor essay.
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Is that because I put my name in it?
I'll change it now, but I figured it wouldn't matter as they have all of the information on me anyway.
This is a public forum, so anybody - regardless of whether they have a connection with the RN or not - is party to any information that you post. Might not be a concern for you now, but it might come back to bite you on the arse when/if you join the RN and have access to sensitive information.
i don't really know, I am completely knew to this whole thing I just wanted advice . . . I'm guessing the advice is don't reveal who you are on the internet.
ok so i have emailed about getting my name changed too and i won't link this to my facebook or anything.
i am now following the persec rules properly so no damage done hopefully.
does anyone have answers to my questions though?


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Okay, moving on... there is also a marvellous "search" function on this site. It is likely that all your questions have already been asked - and answered - with genuine and relevant information. Other threads of interest to you are listed in the "Joining Up" section:

Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting

Perhaps it might be a good time to start applying some of the occifer potential that you're keen to share with us, before you reach the dizzy heights of your AIB, etc..? :thumbleft:
i take your point but there is really not very much about CLM days. I was meant to get information about it last week but I haven't received an e-mail.
it's in a few days and I don't know what to expect, even when trawling via the search function. I have looked.
You'll get on well in the wardroom, asking everybody else to do things for you!

After a dump the paper is usually on the port or starboard side of the trap!!

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i don't think it's fair to say i'm asking people to do things for me. I am just asking for information about whether anyone knows anything about these days because I am having trouble finding it out.
I have gotten this far on my own, read nearly every bit of officer literature there is, sat through the AIB dvd about 3 times, sorted out some visits, rang up my local AFCO nearly every week for 6 months, physically trained my ass off, read the illustrious naval tales, sat through insufferable dan snow documentaries, done about a thousand searches, and tracked down an URNU commander in a gym (believe it or not). I have never posted on these forums before looking for anything, I just had some questions because I seem to have drawn a blank and I haven't got any information from whoever is administrating my course. I am mainly stuck because I've had barely any serving officers to talk to yet.


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They're all pussycats!

(Evil sadistic little bastards that moggies are!)

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren

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