Potential Royal Marines Forum closed?


So I was trying to get onto the Potential Royal Marines Forum today but I got a message saying 'The Potential Royal Marines Commando Forum is closed until further notice'.

I decided to go onto the facebook and there was a link to a forum update but as the forums are closed, I can't read the update.

Does someone mind filling me in on what has happened to the forum and if it will come back up?

Also, does anyone here happen to have a copy of Arny's plan and the fintan circuit from the royal marines forum that they can post somewhere on here as I never made my own copy, just always went onto the forum to view them. It would also help other people who want to view those plans before the Royal Marines forums are back.



I can’t remember the story 100% but this is what I’ll say. The forum was run privately since its inception but the owner can no longer run it, people tried to get CTC to allocate funds to it but they refused. From the 14th it has been shutdown until further notice. I’ll have a look for my copy of arnys plan and post it

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