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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by TryHarder, Jun 30, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,
    Long-time lurker but first time poster here. I've attempted to glean what I can from using the search function (unlike some), but have a question for those who would be so kind as to offer some opinion/guidance. As someone who is about to go into my third year of University, and with my AIB likely to fall in November, I was wondering if it would be worth me joining my URNU (Oxford). It seems that RNR and URNU candidates have a markedly different AIB process in terms of testing, and as someone who would have only spent 3 months in my university unit, I cant help but think that I would be putting myself at a disadvantage by taking tests that others would have had 3+ years to prepare themselves for.
    Any opinions would be appreciated, Thanks.
  2. Hi TryHarder!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    I was wondering if you could expand on the sentence I have highlighted and underlined please?
  3. First name Must no doubt. :D
  4. Thanks Soleil!
    I was under the (perhaps false) impression that RNR/URNU applicants are put in their own boards at AIB, and that their service knowledge questioning was harder due to their pre-existing time served.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As a former Coxswain at the same said URNU, it was unusual to take-on a person in the 3rd or final year of their degree.

    Generally we used to offer associate membership (un-uniformed & unpaid) to undergrads we could not take-on due to restricted numbers (53 in total, 17 per year). The idea was that those about to undergo AIB could learn by osmosis and benefit from the related experience of other students who had maybe already earned a Bursary or other RN sponsorship scheme.

    AIB is no different really. They may well quiz you on your URNU activities, but the expectation is not markedly different. Some of the most un-nautical students join the URNU with no intention of ever joining the RN - it's not there to recruit. So we're told.

    The URNU in Oxford will offer little at present (besides Summer Deployment for full members) due to the exceedingly long Oxford Summer hols (June to October) so little will be gained if undertaking AIB in November this year, however for an AIB November next year, it may indeed be of benefit if they can accommodate.
  6. TH

    Have you made any progress with an Officer application so far?
  7. Thanks a lot Ninja, that post has almost single handedly answered many questions I was harboring. I had thought that it was a little late and that I wouldnt even be accepted into the URNU. My main concern was that at AIB I would be questioned about motivation; namely why I had not joined my university unit, when in truth I had always planned to channel 100% of my time into gaining a degree. Which as an answer would probably lead to: 'can you not multi-task then?', which will leave me defending my actions in a sweaty mess. Ah the joys of interview.
  8. Yes, currently waiting for sift interview date. Obviously thinking ahead to AIB is getting ahead of myself but confidence is my preference.
  9. In that case, start thinking about your examples of leadership.

    Browse the AIB thread.

    Read Navy News.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    With regard not having joined the URNU sooner, or indeed at all - there are plenty of common-sense responses, ranging from only recently developing an interest in joining the Royal Navy, possibly even influenced in part by people you may know already in the URNU.

    The fact your parents didn't tattoo a fouled anchor on your starboard arm as a christening present when you were six months old and your Great Grandaddad wasn't Boy Cornwell's best oppo won't necessarily hinder the chances of passing AIB.

    The idea of going to uni is primarily to obtain the best possible degree. Membership of clubs & societies is the choice of the individual but active involvement in clubs & societies, particularly sporting, does aid personal development and may enhance the individual's management potential, much the same as the URNU, which is essentially a university society too, may help personal development.
  11. I bet he was your run-ashore oppo though....
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Just say that you had heard that a previous Coxn was a bit light footed and you were concerned that it might have been compulsary to be like minded. :wink:
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    How very dare you.

  15. URNU is not a recruiting arm, and has no recruiting targets, so AIB won't actually care either way. An ex-URNU candidate will be expected to be a little more knowledgeable I suspect, but anyone who really wants to pass AIB will have studied hard anyway.

    Make sure you use the ACLO to secure acquaint visits - you will learn far more by being there than by reading about it.
  16. Im just leaving Aberdeen URNU and have Passed the AIB and joining BRNC in September. In your original question if they treat URNU students differently:

    No! The AIB treats you as any other person who wants to join the Navy, however that said, they will question your motivation if you have a very poor navy knowledge score. If you are in a 'proper' RNR unit, they will treat you slightly differently.
    - I have been told though that as an ex-URNU member you are treated slightly differenltly post AIB. As in 3/4's of everyone at my URNU who joined BRNC kept there URNU service number, was expected to know how to look after kit, have a basic knowledge of navigation etc. One of the Old C.O.s at my URNU was a URNU student who went to BRNC and they fast tracked him through certain segments - he says this no longer happens as they found that not every URNU student actually learnt what they should have!

    It may be worth getting in contact with your unit as they may be able to give advice and pointers, however I found that unless you spoke to the Co'xn or the CO, your ACLO will have just as good advice.

    follow the advice Ninja_Stoker gave. It won't harm you not going to the URNU, but have a reason why you didn't join just in case, however they may never bring it up.

    Good luck :)
  17. Liar, it's an absolute bar to service and you well know it. It's no good setting these chaps up to turn up to the AIB all confident only to get sent home when the doc sees their blemish free arms.
  19. My father had hounds chasing a fox disappearing up his ******* tattooed on his back and it never stopped him rising to Lieutenant (SD)(W) and later cashiered.
  20. Thanks for the advice quickstick, kinross and ninja.

    I think the URNU option has been shelved, instead i'll look to turn up to AIB with a view to showing up any URNU candidates by being more prepared (with most of that preparation stemming from the suberb advice on this forum).

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