Potential officer form response

I have completed my initial potential officer form and returned it, however I haven't heard anything back about this. How long should it take to get a reply and what should I be expect next?
sgtpepperband said:
Perhaps you should ask the person you sent the form to?! 8O
Or ask the Postman?? :bball:

Steven Morris The Guardian

A postman faces jail for hoarding more than 10,000 pieces of mail in his house and garden in Plymouth, Devon, and burning hundreds of letters and parcels. Neil Roberts, 40, opened some of the personal mail and burned some of the items in a dustbin.

Magistrates were told yesterday that Roberts had worked at a sorting office for two years when his employers received anonymous information that he was storing mail.


i got mine back not so long ago, took about a week and a half for the response to arrive, and in it I was given an appointment time at AFCO for a presentation. I've had to wait a little while for the presentation because my local careers office only deals with potential ratings apparently, and isn't able to give me much information on how to become an officer. Anyway, my presentation is on Thursday so in all the process has taken about a month from handing in the form to the presentation date.
Contact your local AFCO to see if the form has been processed. All forms go to a central location and are then sent on to your local AFCO/ACLO. It takes tiime to get thru the system. Your ACLO should be in touch soon.

You don't say how long you've bee waiting.

By the way, what branch are you hoping to join?
I've been waiting just under 2 weeks, the reason is was getting a little nervous is that I forgot to photocopy it before I sent it so if its lost in the post, as seems to happen a lot around here, then i would have to organise another eye sight test and everything. I'm hoping to join as a marine engineering officer, there seems to be so many things that could stop people getting in that I just want to get on with the process and find out!

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