Potential officer candidates course this Feb 4th ????

Hell yes, the people we met were so amazingly friendly and answered a lot of our questions.

The tours of the ship and the harbor were really good too, gave us a good insight.

And the DRIU was fantastic, a great experience I must say!!!

Why didn't you go in the end then?
Turns out that when it was running i also had major revision to do for a maths exams coming up.

Am so upset that i didnt. Maybe i can get on the next one. Sounds like you had a good time.

I was in the bar, on the table next to you lot... never miss an opportunity to snaffle a few free beers on the DNRes Chit! Did you get a good feel for what it might be like to be a Loggy in the RN?
haha mint!!!

Yea I really enjoyed it and the people we met were lovely, I'm really looking forward to joining up now, in fact wish I could have stayed longer and got to know more people...

Never mind, did we seem like a good bunch of POC's or do you reckon we'll all fail :p


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