Potential medical problem?


I've already had my medical and im due to join up very soon but it appears i may have done something silly (the likes of which only i could do)

My question is simple, does having hay fever affect my chances of being accepted into the navy?

The thought only just popped into my head today when i was reading through another forum about how another person couldnt become a pilot in the RAF because of hay fever. Then it occured to me it could be relevant, i didnt think about it before now as i didnt think hay fever was a big deal at all.

I dont know how i missed that one at the medical...... ^_^;


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I've had hay fever since I was a child, and it is not a bar to recruitment (as far as I am aware). It can be treated with prescribed medication (which is provided free by the Sick Bay!).

Notwithstanding that, there aren't many freshly-cut fields in the middle of the Atlantic... :wink:

Good luck!


Cheers, im guessing i should tell them this at the medical in raleigh then...

Am i going to get a ********** for it?

To be honest i've never been diagnosed with it, its always just something i assumed i had, i dont currently take anything for it as im one of those people who doesnt even take paracetamol.

Would it also be worth notifying the local AFCO??

I dont have any other allergies or medical conditions, so i think im safe now


Hayfever: as long as you don't need steroids (prednisolone) and it isn't severe enough to require time off work, you won't have any problems. You can get most medication to treat it without prescription: nip down to Boots (or other High Street Chemist!) and have a chat with a friendly pharmacist!