Potential Medical Problem

Hi All,

I have submitted my application to join RM reserves last week, I have today been filling in the medical form and noticed it asks about anxiety.

I am now 29,

At age 21 having never flown before I was nervous about flying and went to my GP who prescribed diazepam to help keep me calm. I was only prescribed one pack and used only a few on the morning of the flight. I have since flown numerous times since then without any medication

At age 26 I have a large public speaking event at work and being concerned about nerves I decided to go see my gp again to get diazepam again. I didnt even end up using these but this will be irrelevent as i was prescribed them.

I have explained these instances to my afco who spoke to the med board and confirmed within half an hour that this wouldnt be a problem and to continue with my application.

I have however since realised there was a third time inbetween these two events which was my wedding and again worried about getting nerves on the big day I spoke to my gp and was prescribed diazepam again. I again used one or two on the day of the event.

I have matured massively since these events both personally through having kids and professionally through work and would never go back to the gp to do this in future. I am just concerned that by using this as a safety blanket for these events I may messed up my chances.

I will submit the medical form and include this on it but just wanted to to get some opinions on whether this is likely to be a bar on me joining or not.

Thanks in advance for any replies


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No medical experts on here, you have told the truth, now wait, if rejected ask AFPO about appeals process. Good luck.


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OP - you say you have matured massively, however, maturing and being able to overcome stress and anxiety are not the same thing. IF you are accepted for training, basic military training is designed to be very stressful. If you throw a wobbly, not only will you let yourself down, but the rest of your training group, as all involved will be 're-trained' due to your meltdown.
Then, even if you are accepted and trained, other facets of military life are again deigned to be very stressful - this is in order to ensure that the ship/unit whatever can operate as intended during 'problems'. Ask anyone who has been through the famous Thursday War.......!

How would you have coped if stuck on one of the ships hit in the Falklands? If you are seeking out a Valium while there is bad stuff happening around you........

This is why anxiety and stress are picked up on. And make you PMU.


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I’ve been told I’ve got a bunion on each foot. Does anyone know if I will fail the Royal Marines medical because of that?
I’ve consulted the wife and she’s says, “where do you expect to have bunions- on your chin!!! Just get on with it”.

4/10 for a wind up!!! That bit’s my contribution!!