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Next competition is for Pot Luck from my bookshelf. There six available and the books will all be military history either just published or just out in paperback form - see list below. All have been or are being reviewed on ARRSE or Rum Ration.

The competition will run until Sunday 19 June sometime from the middle of the day onward, depends when I can be bothered to get round to closing it.

The competition can be entered in the usual fashion - entry form here

The books are:



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OK folks, Monday morning and time to reveal the answers and winners! There were only 9 people who got all three questions correct so I have emptied my bookshelves a bit further and will send each of them a book, the winners therefore are:

@dapperdunn, @Dredd @Wightsparker @Tedsson @W21A @Gout Man @CanteenCowboy @Little Grand Slam @Bamboozler

Emails have gone out requesting names and addresses so I can get these in the post asap.

Now to the answers, and before I do that, I would like to refer you to the following: http://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/the-rulz.193948/ :twisted:

Q1: Since the first major referendum in the UK, how many, including the current one, have there been A 13

Q2 Of these, how many have been UK wide: A 3

Q3 Which was the first of these referendums held: A - The N Ireland border referendum of 1973

Next quiz up soon.


War Hero
Missed that one, that's what happens when you cross the border into Cornwall, no sodding phone signal?
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