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Been a while since we had a book competition so here is a fun one to start off 2015. The prize will be one of six Haynes Owners Workshop manuals that I have ranging from the RAF Mosquito to a Klingon Bird of Prey. All very well written and illustrated books and well worth a read.

This competition can be entered from here: Entry Form

The competition will be a short one and run until next Sunday 1st February at about midday or when I get round to it.
I'm assuming(assumption being the mother of all fuckups) they mean "Team Lotus"(Founded in the 50s) not" Lotus F1"(Founded 2011ish)?


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First comp of 2015 drawn and done. Winners are:

little grand slam
Mr P

Well done to them and emails have gone out for contact details so the prize can be sent to them.

The answers are:

Q1 The Lunar Rover was designed for use with Apollo series 15-17

Q2 Lotis F1 team was founded by Colin Chapman

Q3 The design for the Klingon Bird of Prey came from ideas by Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock to the uninitiated).
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