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Here is the next quiz designed to pass on some of the excellent books I have received to review. As we have just past the anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Somme I have used questions linked to the Battle. There may be some differences on Q1, but having done my homework I am comfortable with the answer I will accept!

The questionnaire can be found here: Book Comp

The Competition will run until 27th November and is for one of six books that I shall select.



War Hero
Review Editor
Book Reviewer

The following lucky, lucky peeps have won a book in the last book competition of this year.



The answers are:

Q1 How many VCs won during the Battle of the Somme - 51

Q2 Future Brit PM seriously wounded was Harold MacMillan

Q3 The approx distance gained by the Battle of the Somme was 6 miles. Over 1 million casualties for an advance of 6 miles over a relatively short front! Changed days.

Thanks to all who took part in this and the other Quizzes this year, hope you enjoyed the pain of losing!

The next competition will be the Grand Annual ARRSE/ Rum Ration/ Rear Party Christmas Draw for cash prizes (well Amazon vouchers which is the same). Up soon.
Cheers A_G

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WreckerL, what would you want with a book? Or at least one from the comps, as thy are generally not that 'sort' of book

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