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Yet another great book competition designed to clear my bookshelves leaving space for more new books. There will be six books on offer, completely pot luck as I have not even looked to see what is there. It will be a mix of fiction and mil hist - they are all good books.

The competition can be accessed through the survey monkey site here: entry form

This particular competition will last until Sunday 4th June at some point during the day.

Good luck


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Competition now closed and the following have won a lucky dip book from my bookshelves:

@A/R Jnr
Emails have gone out to them - please respond asap so I can get these books away.


1. The first building blown up by V in V for Vengeance was The Old Bailey. Parliament was the last building in the final scene.

2.Britain's worst rail crash was at Quintinshill on 22 May 1915

3. The ridge fought over so bloodily at the Battle of Arras was Vimy Ridge
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