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Pot luck - april 2013


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Winners, Answers & Explanation

This very interesting (for me anyway) competition has now closed and the winners drawn. I can now start to clear my bookcase for the next round of books from publishers. To this end we have 12 winners this competition, and worthy winners they are as they, and the few other correct entries, took the time to read and understand the questions. See the end of this post for the explanation for Q1 which 68.5% got incorrect!

Anyhoo, winners are, in no particular order:



Q1 No of men who have held the post of President of the USA = 43

Q2 Regimental Day of The Royal Scots = 28 March

Q3 The corporate name for the websites is = Olive Net (surprised nobody went for Fishnet!)

Explanation for Q1: see this link: Presidents of the United States (POTUS)

President No 22 & 24 was Grover Cleveland. USA being what it is counted this man twice as there was no precedent (see wot I dun there :pig: ) and he is the only man to have served two non-consecutive presidencies. So while Obama is Pres #44 there have in fact only been 43 men in post. As I said RTFQ!


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If I could understand Sumo's post above then I might just reply to it but in the meantime...........

Just 24 hours to go to the end of this competition and still there are only 33.3% correct entries, people are just not reading and understanding the questions.

So if you have not had a go yet there is a good chance of winning if you read, understand then get the questions correct. I am looking forward to putting up the answers tomorrow!

Subtle link to Witsends post 7 and
Jack at sea wears some strange stuff in a sods opera


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What on earth is sneaky about a perfectly good question? I must admit to being surprised at the number of people getting the answer to Q1, less than a third correct. Still that in itself proves what a brilliant question it was. Pity I cant take credit for it as I heard it on QI.

Another quiz up today with a second later in the week.


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