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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Apr 11, 2014.

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  1. UKIP MEPs are untrustworthy and do not stand up for the UK in Europe, David Cameron has said.

    The PM took direct aim at the party aiming to overtake the Tories in May's Euro elections, saying they seldom "bothered to vote" in Brussels.

    He was speaking at the launch of the Conservative European and English local election campaign.

    UKIP accused him of "unfairly insulting millions of voters", many of whom "normally back his own party".


    He, Cameron must be under the illusion that he and his party are trustworthy! If he had got his way we would now be involved in another quagmire in Syria.

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  2. Well as we all know UKIP have NO standing in the UK parliament, so toothless in that respect, however it figures that now the MM subject has gone to bed that finks will resume his anti tory tirade and tot up a few more useless posts in that direction. lol
  3. It hasn't gone to bed yet!
    I reckon the papers will be like a terrier with a rat and not give in on trying to rid parliament of her.
    Wait till election time, whats the betting lists of errant MPs will be published.
  4. Well you took the time to submit a response and maybe you would like to let us know if you trust the Tories?

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  5. "Untrustworthy" is a word that applies to all politicians, be they MP or MEP. Lying, scheming, backpedalling, pocket lining bunch of bastards, every last one of them.
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  6. That's why I am seriously thinking about giving Farage's party a cross in the box, plus I am watching 'Gypsies on Benefit and Proud' and it's giving me even more reasons.

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  7. Haha! Like Nigel '£2,000,000 in expenses' Farage is any different......
  8. If there had been any dodgy claims the press would have be on the case like a rat up a drainpipe. So at the moment he is whiter than Caesar's wife and that will do me nicely.

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  9. Apart from he admitted it about 2 years ago.
  10. What, admitted he had defrauded the taxpayer?

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  11. Admitted to being a 'pocket-lining bastard', as was the reference above to others. He's also a liar:

    "70% of our legislation comes from Brussels" - No it doesn't.
    "EU membership cost £55 million per day" - No it doesn't.
    "29,000,000 Romanians and Bulgarians" - We know how that turned out.

    I could go on, but can't be arsed. He's no different those you rant about, no matter how much you wish he was.
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  12. In 2010 according to the ONS our contribution was £51 million a day; I could go on but I won't.

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  13. Look, I know it's hard when your heroes run out to be nothing more than clowns. You'll get over it though. The next one will be along soon.
  14. 2013, net contributions after rebate, and receipts we paid a little over 23.5 million per day. if you discount the receipts you get closer to 38 million per day, discount the rebate then you get the 50+ million per day.

    This is only going to increase though, as the EU expands, and tries to bring its new members up to Western European levels, they will have to invest more and more into the less better off countries, which will of course lead to a greater demand on the net contributors, and a lowering of money moving from the EU to the more financially stable counties ie the UK. Of course, if they could wipe out the fraud, misuse and ineptitude in their financial dealings, finally balance their books, it is possible that this could level out rather than increase.

    My real problem with the EU, is the long term goals of the few in charge, I do not want to see a United States of Europe, and as it stands, this is the only future I can see, albeit this seems to have been put on the back burner by some for now, it appears IMHO it is still on the cards
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  15. According to the OBR, EFTA, and HM Treasury, those figures are way off. Independent analysis of all estimates points out that UKIP are way off the mark too:

    ukip shite.jpg

    He's a liar. Plain and simple.
  16. And you are as gullible as the rest of us if you rely on statistics. Let's face it the EU coffers have not been audited since day one, so how can any figures that any source supply be relied on? The sooner WE, the people, get a referendum on membership, the better.
  17. You've missed the point.

    Never mind.
  18. So the ONS are wrong are they? No matter which way you throw it up in the air, it lands around the £50 million a day! UKIP are a welcome breath of fresh air, a party that will stand up for the UK as opposed to grovelling at the feet of big business like the other 3 main political parties.

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  19. I for one am not interested in gestimates of how much the EU costs us, I just know that it is far too much. This coupled with the UK being effectivelly governed by Europe in too many areas has convinced me that I want out.
    No party which denies me a vote on remaining in the EU or leaving will receive my vote.
    As for Cameron and his re-negotiating our membership................................forget it.
  20. Are the OBR and treasury wrong? It's not £55 million a day. Even if that's only wrong by £5 million per day that becomes £1,825,000,000 over the course of the year. That's quite some rounding up.

    He and his party are no different, (other than being SQEP for clownage) I see it is upsetting. You have my sympathies.


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