Postwoman stashed thousands of junk letters

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. I wish she was my Post Person.
    I'm pissed off with junk mail :p

    A POSTWOMAN pocketed extra cash for delivering more than 6,000 junk mail letters – but just stashed them in her home.
    Jennifer Boddy, 34, had worked for the Royal Mail for just two months before she started to hoard letters she was supposed to deliver at homes across Hartlepool.

    For some 19 months, she was given extra cash to deliver 6,113 items of junk mail – but they never reached their destination.

    Suspicious post bosses launched a probe and called in police.
    Town magistrates heard that police went to the postie's home, in Tennyson Avenue, Hartlepool, last August and found 2,908 undelivered packages.

    And a further 3,205 packages were found during a second visit by Royal Mail investigators last December.

    As well as junk mail, they also discovered 28 addressed envelopes.

    Yesterday, Boddy was given a 12-month community order with supervision after admitting intentionally delaying postal packets between February 21, 2007, and September 19, 2008, at a previous hearing.

    She was also ordered to pay £100 costs and £103 compensation – to pay back extra money she received for making the deliveries.

    At a previous hearing, Royal Mail prosecutor Paul Heron said: "She accepted she had been due to deliver the postal packages and had failed to do so because of various problems at home.

    "She said she did intend to deliver them and had received extra money for delivering these items."

    Mitigating, Phillip Mitchell, said: "The vast amount of this post is almost all promotional material.

    "When I asked her the usual question of why she did it, she was at a loss to say why."

    Boddy, who was a postwoman for 21 months before she was caught, no longer works at the service.

    All the items of recovered mail were returned to the sorting office and eventually posted.
  2. seems a shame she was doing many people a favor lol
  3. They tear down a forest a day to support it

    The Gubernet rant about global warming....burnt junk-mail?

    Stop it all, nobody I know likes or wants it through the letterbox
  4. If you don't like or want junk mail get in touch with Royal Mail and get them to stop sending it.
  5. Interestingly the MPS will stop most of the stuff apart from the stuff the PO themselves contract to deliver to every house.
  6. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    MPS works quite well for me (after writing to the boss of Royal Mail to get my local postmaster to implement it properly). However it relies on a card perched above yr pigeonhole in the sorting office and this can become dislodged/lost etc.

    What particularly annoys is junk mail piling up on the mat when one is away, screaming out to casual callers 'Hey look this house is empty'.
  7. We have solved that one, next door comes in and picks it up and sorts it into piles in the dining room for us. The reality is that even without the junk and we do not get that much thanks to the MPS, we tend to get one or two bits of mail a day any way so even with zero junk there will still be the telltatle pile, hence the deal with next door.
  8. An old housemate of mine used to wait for one of those freepost return envelopes included with the junk mail and then stuff it with as much of the other bits of junk as possible and send it back. It didn't achieve anything but made him feel better!
  9. The first thing I did when moving into my house was to register with the MPS which does cut down most of the junk mail. Companies know this which is why they have a contract with RM to deliver junk mail to your address with your regular mail. That's why I provided the link as this will help cut junk down to a bare minimum. Occasionally Postman Pat puts the odd piece of junk mail through the door but really the biggest problem is local fast food delivery companies paying people to shove their menus through your letterbox. Can't stop that one. I must admit that I used to save up all the junk mail Pat delivered and put it all back in the post box for RM to empty out and dispose of. See how they fcuking like it.
  10. Pity she couldnt do the same with all this Spam I get. :lol:
  11. If the government is so keen to save the planet why do they not ban junk mail. Think of the energy and raw materials they'd save in manufacturing, delivering and disposing of it all!
  12. It's a bit like cigarettes, they make money for the post office by allowing junk mail, just as they collect tax on fags.
  13. Tip for dealing with junk mail.

    If you receive a pre-paid envelope, stick some other junk mail into it and send it back. Companies pay the postage for all returned envelopes. See how they like receiving junk and having to pay for it too. I've been doing it for ages and get the satisfaction of getting your own back. :laughing5:
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    One way to get rid of unaddressed junk mail is to save it up until there's a nice big pile and then stuff it all back in the first pillar box that comes handy. If it's addressed then cross out the address and write 'return to sender' on it but that's rather more work.
  15. I answer ALL my Junk Mail. So far - I've won
    nineteen holidays in Portugal, £75,000, ten
    colour televisions, four dozen Prudential
    Insurance Parker Pens, four time share
    holidays in Crete, Spain, Croatia and
    Butlins Minehead, Eleven sports cars
    (from free Scratchcards), a chance to
    appear in the next Harry Potter film,
    enough double glazing to do the entire
    street and the Readers Digest Prize Draw
    (no less than six times!).

    Haven't received any of my prizes yet.

    But the companies concerned have promised
    that they are in the post....and its only cost me
    £578.99 pence in 07845-07800 etc phone calls.

    Absolute bargain if you ask me.

  16. Aww poor you being conned the way you have.
  17. I have worked at a place where it is 99% Junk mail and the 1% being odd orders from the internet, like promotional things for etc.
    We had to sort the mail that has 100s of letters each bag, there being about 60+ tons of junk mail a day (In actual weight) and was sorted into cities across the country, then into 3 categories like Czone, Rzone and RN.. I think that was weight of each letter like 1st class, 2nd class stamps etc would be like.
    It is absolutely unreal how much junk goes through everyday and I hate the stuff! everytime I came across Derby I checked the postcode and hoped it wasnt mine! lol.

  18. I feel even more sorry for you then. I would hate to even do that as a job yet ther are far worse.
  19. I have a dedicated rubber stamp! :twisted:
  20. The Derby postcode with the most shite is DE24 8XL.

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