Postponing start dates.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by builderbambi, Feb 15, 2011.

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  1. Right I'm standing by for some serious flak for asking this but here goes. So I'm expecting to start on October this yearish which is perfect with my first being just born the missues starts back at work then so be good timing, also best man at friends wedding in sept, I really do know that the thought of turning down a date is crazy after a long wait, the navy will always come first if it had to be. So my question is say if I get a date in august what would realistically happen to my application if I asked for a later date, am I asking for trouble, or what would happen, please I really know when I'm in the navy rules what and when I do it. Have asked my ca but have been told to wait until that situation arises before we go into that route, but I wouldn't mind to know where I stand.
  2. personally id tell you to go [email protected]*k off you ungratefull [email protected]*t, but im sure they probably just switch you with the person who is next in line for your choosen branch.
  3. Cake and eat it springs to mind
  4. Well BB.....if you dont want the place Il happily go instead haha.
  5. With the waiting times as they are you'd have to be crazy to say you would like a later date. That date might not be in the near future.
  6. Its what I'm thinking as I said it's crazy, I just didn't know if it was a basic and easy thing to do, just gotta suck it up with the little one!!
  7. a half drunk stuttered speech at a mates wedding or a career in the navy?

  8. Not sure really.. In my humble opinion, your CA is right about waiting until the situation reveals itself. Can't help you thinking about it though, but id be very worried about being spat out at the bottom of the list again. Unforgiving times at the moment.
  9. Rem3pt is right buddy. Although Dubbers was quite funny with his picture :p
  10. Exactly rem3pt I've been thinking about it for a while and although it's not ideal leaving little one early but tough shite I'm not waiting another 2 years. Dublinrum how long have you been waiting?
  11. Hey scouse just re did my 2.4 test got the same as you, crap fact I know but I'm fucked from doing it!
  12. sent me application off july 2009 sat my RT in oct 2009, wat about urself
  13. Yep, i know what you mean. But if the other half is happy with it, then why not. The little button will see you often enough anyway, its only 10 weeks before you're back home for a weekend. Might not be much, but it sure beats being stuck on the waiting list.

    Lets face it, you'll be away from home quite a bit anyway.
  14. Exactly the same, was checking you haven't been waiting 2 weeks and then questioned my thoughts, but as you have waited the same time as me I hold your "constructive criticism" in higher regard! Good picture by the way!
  15. Hey hey Bambi, its a gradual path to greatness with many breather stops along the way.

    If I were you mate Id take the first date the RN give me. As times are tough of late and its only a wedding. You can buy him a keg to apologise on ya weekend home after passing out
  16. i think you'd be mental to postpone it though if you were offered a start date
  17. Keen to go away when he's young so he knows no different than me going away and not being there. The gf is really good about it all so no worries there!
  18. Thanks for pretty much confirming what I was thinking it's good to have the forum for this type of thing just going to go ahead with it and say feck all the past 2 years have been about me going into the navy, if my date is in oct result if not then I'll get my first navy pay check earlier sweeeet!
  19. Sorted then!

  20. Make sure you and the Gf keep a good photo record of the lil one growing up. Lessens the sting of missing alot of it in person. Nothing sadder than not seeing you lil one grow up.

    Best of luck with the dates lottery :p

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