Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by buggerit84, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. Just a curiosity question really, are there any FAA units based in or near Edinburgh or Rosyth? Was a little puzzled to see a Mk8 Lynx fly over the other day whilst I was at work in Edinburgh, didn't think there was any FAA up here other than Gannet.
  2. You sure it was an Mk8?
  3. The nice thing about helicopters they can fly nearly anywhere. Doesn't have to be a naval air station close.

    Hows about RM Arbroath!!!! In support of the Booties. The fact that Rosyth naval base is near to where you spotted the helicopter lends credence to it being a naval Lynx.

    Another thought. Is RNAY (Royal Naval Aircraft Yard), Perth still in operation. I used to fly in and out of there in my aviation career.
  4. I live in the middle of France and an RN Merlin - buzzed "moi maison" last week. Dosn't mean there is an RN / FAA unit based near, they were proberly on a "Navex" of transiting from A 2 B.
  5. Surely "Posting" are Drafts in the Fleet Air Arm as well as the General Service.

    The crabs haven't taken over yet!!!!!
  6. Maybe on a "thursday war" somewhere. Im pretty close to rosyth and we have the RAF/AAC stuff flying over all the time. Plus it might have been the lynx from leuchers air show going home.
  7. Well it was probably 1000ft or so up but was grey, had wheels and a suspiciously boxy nose so I'm pretty sure it was!

    I thought Mk8s normally fly off the back of frigates and destroyers and are anti-ship/boat so was rather confused as to why one would have been flying south ie inland! Was wondering is there was anything interesting alongside at Caledonia. I appreciate this was probably a bone question but I'm bored at work and frankly can't wait for April already!

    And apologies to JFH - my old man was a crab for 11 years so the terminology has a tendency to stick!

    Thanks anyway guys
  8. When did you see it?
  9. The Navy doesn't restrict its crews to oversea flights only you know, they are allowed to venture inland once in a while!!!!! :frustrated:

    Navy aircrew support many land operations. As has been stated. It may have been on a NAVEX. Working in support of the rigs! There is a multitude of inland jobs it may have been doing. Delivering a VIP home! Done that more than once.

    At 1000Ft AGL, that tends to make me think it was in transit. Perhaps joining a ship at sea having completed an inshore tasking. We could speculate all day and still get it wrong.

    After 15 years flying in RN choppers. Rule 1 - never assume!!! :thumright:
  10. Live quite near to Leuchars RAF Base.

    The Air day was the 13th September --shite day low clouds and restricted flying --the Vulcan did a fast taxi [nose wheel lift off ]then abort so the crowds could see it and hear it . Red Arrows did a restricted display during a cloud break .

    Most of the aircraft went home on Monday and yes there was a lot of Helo activity as mentioned it was probably what was seen .

    :nemo: :nemo:

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