Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by edchannah, May 29, 2008.

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  1. I am currently awaiting my FAT date and I was just wondering if anyone with experience in the Fleet Air Arm could offer an insight into the opportunities for posting. I am extremely keen for foreign postings and was wondering if they are available. I am aware the primary function in the navy is to operate at sea but do air crew operate have the opportunity to be based in foreign countries, other than war zones obviously?
  2. There are always opportunities to be based overseas but I suspect for aircrew the majority of these areas will be RAF bases. I shouldn't worry about it too much for now as you will have a lot of training to get through initially followed by at least one job where you will have to prove all the training hasn't been wasted.

  3. There are some opportunities for exchanges in Oz, USA and Canada. BUT these are years away for you, I think they are all at Lt Cdr level. Apart from that you would be looking at the usual places of Culdrose or yeovil with a few exceptions at crab camps on exchange, or the fixed wing places, but mostly UK based.

    If you are thinking of places like Germany or Cyprus then I would suggest looking at a lighter shade of blue.

    Your main concern should be trying to get through flying training first. Either way good luck :thumright:
  4. shipmate

    the only faa places you will be seeing for quite a while will be CU, VL, COTT/WITT and in a few years time Lossie

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