posting pictures on site.


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I have been asked to do a quick guide to inserting pics into posts.

Firstly you need to have a webhost to store your pics,i use Imagecave.Its free and you get a huge data allowance,and best of all its free.

It can be found at
once you open the account,create an album

,then click on "add pictures"this will then allow you to browse your PC for a picture file,select the desired pic and click open.

you will return to the add picture page.Repeat process for multiple pics.Scroll down and you will see a small box that will say "Automatically optimize photos? " Check this box as it will resize photos to allow faster downloads.Then click "Upload Pictures"
Once this has been done you will see a page like the one below.

Click return to album.You have downloaded your pics to Imagecave.
Next,to place a pic in a post.

start your reply/post on rum ration addind the desired text.To insert the pic,open the album of choice and select the pic on Imagecave.then copy the EZ Code to the right of the pic on Imagecave.Its the 3rd box down next to the pic.


Then Paste this into your text/reply on RR.

Once you have finished post your reply/text.And voila,youve cracked it.

Imagecave will only accept jpeg and gif may also find that sometimes the pic is still a bit large for web use.if this is the case use a jpeg resizer.I have one you can have if needed,just pm me.

Any probs drop me a PM or i can be contacted through skype or MSN.