Posting for Stores Bashers

Just a quick one....are Stores Accountants (Supply Chain Logisticians) posted tao all bases, and if so, is there a more common posting?



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Trooped_Again said:
I don't think they are posted......they usually get a travel warrant!!!
A fair observation as they won't fit through the letterbox, well not without a good run-up.

Truth is Supply Chain Logisticians can be based at any of the conventional drafts, none necessarily more likelly than others, but have the added bonus of sometimes being drafted to tri-service bases too.

The only sea-going anomilly is that they tend to be a bit of a rarity in the mine-hunter/sweeper world.
If it helps my OHs group just got there postings, there where 12 of them but only 11 needed drafts as my OH is a submariner.

2 went to Pompy (very much sort after class leader had choice but wanted Caldrose and then the top 2 scorers went)
2 went to Plymouth
2 went to Faslane
3 went to Yovailton
2 went to Caldrose (would of been 3 of my OH was getting a posting)

Although the CPO did say its normal to get 1 each for Plymouth, Pompy and Faslane and everyone else gets sent to air stations for the 6 months.

Oh my OH just passed his SETT and we move into a SFA in Helensburgh on Monday, cant wait. His SMQ starts Monday to


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As well as the usual Devonport/Portsmouth/Air station drafts, have also spent time in the Falklands, Belfast, the middle of the bloody desert in Oman and storing two ships in build in Southampton. Oh I even managed to get some sea time in there as well (But not much lol)

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