Postal Scam

Just received this e-mail. It could have been covered before:-

This has been confirmed by Royal Mail the Trading Standards are making people aware of this scam.
You could receive a card through the door from P.D.S. (Parcel delivery service) saying they are unable to deliver a parcel to you.
There is a phone number 0906 6611911 (Premium rate)
Do not call this number it is a scam originating in Belize. If you call this number and you get a recorded message it has cost you £15.
If you receive the card get in touch with Royal Mail 02072396655 or ICSTIS on

Christmas is acoming :santa:
Don't know if it has been covered, but it is a very old one.
I believe the £15 is a load of bollocks as they are limited in how much they can collect.
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