Look mate, we are short handed, don't waste time on mail and internet, get the whole family to join up together?
Great idea or what?
Ok, Taxi for ling.


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ship_rat said:
just wondering, can friends and famliy send you post when you are doing your basic training?

Yes you can. And there are computers with free (yes free) internet access. But to be honest i really only bothered with them at weekends when i had quite a bit of spare time.


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Internet? Mail? Spare time? Family rooms? At Raleigh?
What sort of pink and fluffy service IS this new Navy?

(Standing by to receive the wrath of the younger generation!)



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Well the internet is there to reaserch for your presentation you have to give to PO, CPO and DO and possably Commander in charge phase one training.
At the end of the day email is available to you when you are onboard so if Raleigh is about getting in to naval life then thats part of it now.
And i think the spare time is more due to the fact that senior rates dont like working weekends :)
This is wrong, this is so wrong!

You shouldn't even be allowed contact with your family during Raleigh!

It's meant to be totally shit and meant to bring you right out of your civvy comfort zone!

Bloody family rooms - that's gotta be a joke right?

A big part of why I want to join is the challenge of Raleigh having dropped out of Army basic like a big fairy!!! :evil:


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Mummy has to have somewhere to go while she waits for your washing to dry so she can iron it for you
geoff(ers) :???:
And people wonder where the navy is going wrong, maybe start by taking a look inside the gates of Raleigh?
Raleigh was a misery when I was there, spare time? Yeah, to clean, wash and polish. That kind of crap is where the seeds of camaradarie are sown, it's you and your new mates against the instructors.
Time off my arse.