Post to the Falklands...

Well i'm heading to a certain OPV down south - my question is - how long does it take for post to get down there, and how easy is it to send it back?

thanks in advance chaps


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There are three flights into the Islands every week so add a couple of days onto the normal delivery times. However if it is heavy or there is important stores to get down there mail can get bumped or even put into the replensihment ship which could mean months before you see it. The mail situation dow there is similar to that of a deployed ship, erratic!
From when I was down there it didnt really take that long really. 2 weeks was the maximum really depending on when it was put in the post so that it would be in time for the plane. I was at Mount Pleasant though so I dont really know what its like for the ships.

Didnt really send that much back but I think its the reverse basically so about the same time, depending on when it gets to the post office and then plane. The BFPO is on the main drag straight in front of you when you get to the T junction as you come through the main gate at MPA so you cant miss it really. Its manned by the army and they do all of the normal stuff you expect of a post office.

There used to be a big thing about "nothing over 2kg". Im not sure if thats still there or not. If it was over 2kg when I was there it would get loaded onto the Falkland Island Resupply Ship (FIRS) and get sent that way and it would take months. You would probably be home by the time it arrived really.

Hope that helped though.
Last time I was down there it took up to a month or more. I rather think that things have now improved and Soliel will be along to give accurate report into mail deliveries. Best of luck Dai


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Having come back from there just recently..... mail comes down on every airbridge, if the Crabs decide that they need extra weight for stores, mail is usually left on (morale) and they tend to bin "non essential" items (i.e. fresh food, salad and the likes) dunno how that worked as i always thought food was pretty feckin essential, but, hey ho!! thats Crabs for ya. The turn around is usually only about 10 - 14 days from delivery to receipt of mail and viccy vercy on the way back.
Hope this is of help to you WhizzbangDai.

PS plenty to do down there now, go-karting and Paintballing, and if you can get in with the Mech side of the MT Section, you may be able to grease their palms with Shiny items or tea boat gear and get a go on the 4 x 4 Quadbikes that they use.

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