Post Sift-Interview

Afternoon all,
Hope I'm not just being impatient but I had my sift interview about a month ago and have not heard anything back. While researching how long it usually takes between SIFT and AIB I came across a document called "officer selection processes." In it it says, "On completion of a successful Sift interview the Candidate is to be issued AFCO Form 104. When completed, this form is to be returned to the OCLC". However, I haven't been given this form yet. Is this something I should be urgently worried about and would I be better off talking to my AFCO, OCLC or ACLO about resolving it?
Many thanks in advance


I know people who found out the same day - definitely make a call to your OCLC/AFCO!
I did hear back in the end, been given an AIB date for the middle of January which is good. My ACLO and OCLC have both been very helpful throughout helping me sort things out!

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