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Waspie My reason for doing it is not that vain. In fact what I'm hoping to gain from this is written in my 4th paragraph. Yes it is a comparison, but not to brag. It is simply to know how many people do actually get told they were 'competitive', but don't necessarily get chosen for BRNC (Of which I'm sure there are many). I don't care if someone else was exceptional or piss-poor in their interviews, the info will help me and others in the future.


Just make an FOI request if you're that interested. There's already some floating around online for the AIB and how many sit it and how many attend BRNC. It was about 66% attending the AIB got to BRNC if I remember correctly


Book Reviewer
So seeing as the Navy won't/can't tell us how we did in the joining interview or AIB interview compared to other candidates, I suggest that we (as many candidates as possible) post what we were told about how well we did in our interviews.

This can be things like 1) Overall Comment 2) Actual Score 3) Any Other Comments - Not forgetting to put things like a) Branch Applied For b) Level of Entry & c) Interview Date. (This is just a basic template based on the information I got. Please add more categories/details if you have them.).

Additionally any input from people who have joined and know what their scores already were would be ideal because you'd know what you were told which actually got you into the RN.

It'll help give everyone an idea of what they're up against and essentially give a rough indication as to whether or not you have a good chance at being selected and give us a chance to plan other aspects of our lives if we know sort of what to expect to hear.

Like the title says though, just a suggestion. Take it or leave it.

1) Overall Comment: Competitive Score
2) Actual Score: Unknown to me
3) Any Other Comments: "Hope to have you in by September, but Coronavirus may affect this."

a) Branch Applied For: Logistics Officer
b) Level of Entry: Officer
c) Interview Date: Early May 2020

Additional note: Mine was a Virtual AIB Interview, so I have no certainty that the scoring system changed, but I would guess that it did somewhat.
Have you got any direct links?

Carry out a quick google re: "FOI AIB Pass rate" and you'll find a quick couple of FOI documents pertinent to warfare and SUY and UY stats. To be clear, one dated 2016 indicates that 68% of warfare candidates passed AIB but of said 68% a total of 74% attended BRNC. Quick maffs will tell you that's roughly 50% of AIB attendees and roughly 3 out of 4 who passed.

Like all things stats I wouldn't recommend leaning on any of that nonsense and just practice some positive thinking. Your score is competitive so there's nothing more that you can do other than let the competition behind the scenes do its thing!
IMO there are too many big 'buts' for the results of the OP's suggestion to be of any value, two here for starters:

a. No way of ever knowing how many RN Officer candidates ever contribute to these forums.
(Some seem to value RR as a comforting, personal teat whereas there'll be many others who'll pass in and out of BRNC without relying on this, or any other, unofficial RN source.)

b. Plenty of reasons not to subscribe to any Questionnaire. Quite apart from 'I-cannot-be-bovvered' these range from not entering from personal choice/privacy reasons to deliberately submitting false information to skew the results out of sheer devilment.
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp You make excellent points. I am aware now, but I will still be appreciative of any results and I will try to understand that what I learn from this isn't the end all and be all for every single candidate.
WreckerL as I said in my description in the 4th paragraph. I believe that if this is done to the best degree possible, it can be a basis for people to know how good they actually were based off AIB (or other interview) terminology. Therefore you are a. Not disappointed when you do get your result b. You can be sure that you have to or don't have to look for other jobs instead.

The timeframe for which the navy actually gives you joining information can be awkward for people who might have other plans. This thread will not be 100% accurate, but can give you an idea and maybe be the difference in someone's career decisions.

For E.g. I went for logistics which has a very small intake and if I see other people on here saying they got a 'perfect score' also going for logistics, then I can assume I'm unlikely to get chosen.


War Hero
Chris P What about having educated guesses?

You can ask for what you like, others can post what they want (and you can guess how truthful they’re being); but you can’t make an educated guess because you have no insight into the selection process or of how well others that don’t post on here did.

I can tell you that while your score matters it’s too simplistic to think that’s all that counts. I’ve known those under the impression they got a good pass not get selected and those who thought they stood no chance get to BRNC.

By all means compare and discuss with others in the same position how you think you all did; but don’t think you’re going to be able to make anything other than a lucky guess.
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