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Post-PJFT timings.


Hey everyone,

Used the search function, but couldn't find much of note.
Just wondering how long people waited, Post-PJFT, before they heard from their respective careers office.

I've only seen from one person, who heard back from their careers office, 2 days later, and was provided a joining date, but curious about others.

Thank you.
I heard a day later. Though I went in to see them straight after I passed, so they had my copy of the PJFT in hand and got the ball rolling straight away.
Well, I was told that the information from the PJFT gets emailed straight over, but I will be ringing them today, in order to hopfully, get the ball rolling.

However, a day later is still rather quick.

Thank you.
It depends on the fitness centre, but the PT who oversaw my test was very good and got it all done.

Hope you hear soon bud, everything will be uphill from here. Make sure you train hard!
The PT seemed pretty 'On-the-ball'. But i'll phone the careers office today to confirm, and if needs be drive there to drop the sheet off myself.

Always training hard. Passed the PJFT with a pretty good time, so now, it's just a waiting game.
That's good then. Never hurts calling to show your keen. I always did it haha.

PJFT is a cake walk compared to PRNC and Boot, as you'd expect!
Definitely, as one would expect.

However, I'm a re-joiner, so I am going back in at 'Phase 2', due to a change of branch. But, when I originally signed up, the process was different slightly from what it is now, hence the asking.
Honestly, I'd go back to Phase 1 if I were given the option, but I suppose it's a waste of money on the Navy's behalf, training someone twice for the same thing.

It's definitely something to look forward to. I loved it, personally.

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