Post Olympic blues anyone

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by frogman007, Aug 13, 2012.

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  1. Anyone else gutted it's finished or am I the only one? Looking. Looking forward to the paras, have tickets so should be good.
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  2. I was away for much of it, so it almost feels as if it didn't happen just 160 miles from me. I enjoyed what I managed to catch, especially the opening ceremony and the road cycling
  3. Having it on my doorstep I am pretty much fed up with it all now! Glad it was a success, glad it is nearly over.

    At least I won't have to trawl through endless Olympic pages on Sky Sports to get to some motorbike racing!!!!!:smile:
  4. I loved it, despite not seeing any live events as we were just a little too far out of Weymouth to see it. I've always loved the Olympics. I did however feel I did my part which made it a little special then having my pic with one our silver medalist sailors and wearing his medal topped it off for me. As not as many people got to do this unlike with the torch. Looking forward to the Paralympics now!


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  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    I must admit I wasn't too fussed about it at the start, other than the boxing I wasn't too interested. However, I found the interest in it to be infectious and I now wish I'd shown more interest from the start. Can't help feeling a bit seen off that I missed lots of it. Funny thing is that the the wife doesn't really watch sport on telly, but she's been glued to it from the off.
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  6. Tiddly, I think you're not alone. Many people had that happen
  7. I'm threaders it's finished, loved every minute of it and also the feel good aura it radiated everywhere you went over the last fortnight. Plus Sports and bike shops full of kids getting off their arses and interested in something.

    If that's how much it costs to cheer everyone up and get all the kids out of the house (without 7 consecutive police searches) its money well spent.
  8. Quite disappointed its all over. Some classic moments and something decent to watch for a change. Really chuffed about the medal final tally - give the next generation something to work towards. Roll on Rio!
  9. All TEAM GB were outstanding whether they won medals or not, just taking part is honour enough.
    All their hard work and effort is an example to the youth of today to get off their arses, put down the X box and do something worthwhile.
    We should be proud to be British and for once stopping knocking ourselves.

  10. And big lump second row adults that need to sort their shit out!! I was that man buying a race bike this morning. Seat looks like a friggin razor blade.
  11. :threaten: I am highly chuffed with the boxing results. The Americans and Russians used to rule there.Also very impressed with the Irish girl boxer Katy Taylor she could have beaten most of the lads at her weight.Notice since German Unification and dope testing the lack of lady discus , shot and hammer throwers?:shock:My good lady, Lesley says that I must say"I'm most pleased with the success of Team G.B." And not "We ******* pissed all over 'em":bounce:
  12. Swop it for one of these Froggie!

  13. I didn't think the games would be well organised, but I was proven wrong, well done to all who took part in making it happen.

    To echo MLP's message, I was on my bike this morning and pleasantly surprised by the increase in other people on their bikes compared to before the games, especially kids. I always had the feeling I was the only under-30 who cycled for fun, so it's nice to see 'tha yoof' out as well
  14. Loved it spent fat too much time watching, going to bed late and knackered at work next day, but will do it again for Para Olympics, surprised everything was so well organised, some very odd and strange ref/judging but mainly very entertaining.

    Tiddy my wife same as yours, not into sport, except England Rugby, but was glued to Olympics, even sending me text updates when we won medals.
  15. I think the whole affair was very well presented, we had five channels of coverage down here in sunny SA, courtesy of our Digi channel. I thought the opening ceremony was a lot OTT and at 27m you could have something for half the price and still been as good. Maybe it should be restricted to the centre field with the athletes parading at the same time as the show.

  16. No lube either, that's for losers!
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  18. I've already got an ass like a 13 year old Kings Cross rent boy from the ride out this afternoon. That wouldn't touch the sides
  19. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Too much info!! :shock: :wink:

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