Post nominal letters RAFVR(T)

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by BARNEYRNSM, Sep 21, 2009.

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  1. Does anyone know where the rules and regs are for the use of post nominal letters? We have a new CFAV in our CCF who is using RAFVR(T) on all letters including those nothing to do with cadets. Yes he is a walt but I want to shoot him down with the quote from the relevant regs.He has no previous military experience what so ever and has only been with cadtes 18 months. Maybe JSP 313 or any other ideas,just tried on the internet and two hours later I am none the wiser about it.
    I was a submariner for 22 years and the only reason people know I was a submariner is my lack of tan,glow in the dark and the smell!
  2. I don't think there are any official written rules on the usage of post-nomicals by cadet officers. I think generally common sense should apply as to the appropriateness of the usage.
  3. like it or not. he does actually hold an official queens commission so is entitled
    to use it. makes him a self important prat though. have experience with one of those. he didn't last that long though.
  4. Probably not what you're looking for, but JSP 101 (Defence Writing Guide) states that military abbreviations should not be used in letters to civilians - so he probably needs to spell it out in full.

    You could just tell him that he's a wannabe t**t, but I think that goes against JSP 101 as well.

    Does a Cadet Officer hold the Queen's Commission?
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Yes - my father-in-law was associated with the ATC for many years (with my father being a submariner tiff, I ran out of spit many years ago!!!) and still has his vellum commission signed by Her Majesty (looks like a rubber stamp to me).

  6. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    My italics. Barney, are you spying on his personal mailies?

    My darling Isabella
    -- - - - ---- - ---- -- -
    - -- ---- -- - ---
    -- -- - ---- --- --
    Eternal love


    C F Sideways - Walker
    Flt Lt RAFVR(T)
  7. Does he? I was under the impression only those who have previously held a commission in the Full time Forces can hold a Commission in the Hitler y.., I mean Cadets.
  8. not spying on his personal mailies,he just happens to be in a position within the school were we see his name on a lot of letters
  9. It sounds like the blokes a bit of a stroker!! I have a B.Sc (hons) but i dont make a big deal out of it as i'm sure alot of the other guys and girls have
  10. People often write things after my name. I think it stands for Chartered Unionist of North Tyneside.
  11. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Not necessarily, my father-in-law was never a regular or reserve in capacity other than the ATC, yet still has the commission.
  12. Yeah i seem to have adopted something similar mate!!!
  13. The only Cadet officers that do not hold commissions are the Navy section CCF officers, Sea Cadet Officers and URNU training officers. The cadet officers in the other services have a call up liability, plus they have to do extra training to keep in date.
  14. not quite true raf vr(t) officers hold a commission in the raf reserve (training), but they don't have any call up liability. also no previous service is needed, but most are involved already as a ci or nco role
  15. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    "The cadet officers in the other services have a call up liability, plus they have to do extra training to keep in date. "

    Yes - but there are no plans to ever mobilise them! Its an anachronism that should be abolished, and clarified - those in the Cadet world do great work, but are not and never will be seen as potential future officers in HM Forces when the balloon goes up!

    The other route an instructor in the ACF may take is that of becoming a commissioned officer. The instructor will apply and partake in the same selection process as above, however once a Potential Instructor, the individual may apply or be nominated to become a commissioned officer. To do so, as of 2006, the individual must then attend a Cadet Forces Commissioning Board (CFCB), similar to an Army Officer Selection Board though less physically demanding. The applicant will be assessed on their literacy, problem solving, and leadership ability. Successful applicants will then be appointed a List B Commission in Her Majesty's Land Forces, making them a non-deployable Territorial Army Officer. During the selection/training process the applicant will hold the appointment of Under Officer, before receiving the initial rank of Second Lieutenant upon successful commissioning. Commissioned Officers in the ACF will hold senior leadership roles with more responsibility and commitment attached than roles occupied by Adult Instructors. The commissioned officers will also have a obligation to uphold the prestige of a commission in their personal discipline and authority - both on and off duty as they are subject to Military Law at all times. To qualify for further promotion the officer must attend respective courses at Frimley Park.
  17. Sea Cadet Officers are 'appointed'; NOT commissioned and carry the post nominal RNR
    Army & Air Cadet Officers ARE Commissioned and carry the post nominal RAFVR(T) and TAVR (95% sure) respectively.

    In all cases, if the officer held a different rank in the military, then whatever head they're wearing at the time of salutating a correspondence, would depend on how how they sign the letter.

    Yes, some of these guys do hold butt plugs by cheek pressure alone but the later generations of officers do go through a stringent selection process.
    And there is DEFINATELY no call-up liability.
  18. Still none the wiser about use of RAFVR(T) gents! I am a LT (CCF) RNR appointed not commissioned hence the NUC club, would like to know if what he is doing is wrong thats all!
  19. No it's not wrong, because commissioned or appointed you have a right to use those postnominals.

    It just seems a little pointless.
  20. Meaning no rank on a civvy letter head for school but RAFVR(T) is allowed?

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